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Read all Calibre 11 articles featuring TAG Heuer watches with the Calibre S movement. The Calibre S is a “Mechanical-Quartz’ Chronograph movement.

The Calibre S movement has been used across the range of TAG Heuer watches, including the Carrera, Link, Aquaracer and Formula 1.




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TAG Heuer Link- The Ultimate Collector’s Guide

The Link is one of the most important TAG Heuer series, having been a critical part of the TAG Heuer collection since 1987 when it was launched as the S/el. When the watch was revamped in 1999, it was decided to change the name of the S/el, with the new name “Link” chosen to reflect the watch’s defining characteristic- the distinctive “double… Read More

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TAG Heuer Carrera Calibre S- In Depth Review (Ref. CV7A12)

Considering that TAG Heuer had not designed or made its own mainstream movement since the early 1980s, the simultaneous announcement¬†of the Calibre 360 and Calibre S movements at Baselworld 2005 was a landmark event for the company. Both movements were ambitious and complex- one, the world’s first 1/ 100th second mechanical chronograph (Calibre 360) and the other an electro-mechanical chronograph… Read More

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2011 Formula 1 & Geneva Wrap

While the headline of TAG Heuer’s pre-Basel releases was the Carrera Mikrograph and the Carrera MP4-12C, there was also plenty of news regarding other watches planned for 2011. In fact, the clear message that I was left with was that there will be more new models launched this year that perhaps ever before. What we’ve seen so far is only… Read More

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TAG Heuer Movements: Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow

It’s hard to remember a time when there has been so much focus on the movement that sits inside a watch- where it comes from, who designed it and who made it. It may sound strange to say that there was little focus on movements until around 2000- after all, they are not only an integral part of the watch,… Read More

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TAG Heuer Sailing Watches

Many of the posts on Calibre 11 focus on the deep relationship that Heuer/ TAG Heuer has with motor racing- and in particular with Formula 1. You only have to look through a Heuer catalogue from the 1970s to see model after model named after famous racing tracks scattered around exotic parts of the world. But despite this motor racing… Read More



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