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Read all Calibre 11 articles on watches featuring the Lemania 5100 Chronograph movement. These movements were used in Heuer watches after Lemania was involved in buying Heuer from Jack Heuer in 1982. Lemania versions of the Carrera, Silverstone and Cortina were available, as well as several bespoke models, including the Heuer AudiSport.




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TAG Heuer Movements: Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow

It’s hard to remember a time when there has been so much focus on the movement that sits inside a watch- where it comes from, who designed it and who made it. It may sound strange to say that there was little focus on movements until around 2000- after all, they are not only an integral part of the watch,… Read More

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Vintage Heuer Silverstone- The Ultimate Collector’s Guide

When it comes to classic 1970s design, few watches are better examples of that periods’ look than the Heuer Silverstone. Launched in 1974, the Silverstone was available with a choice of three dial colours- Red, “Fume” and Blue. The Silverstone was launched as the replacement for the Heuer Monaco, which today may be an icon of the TAG Heuer range,… Read More

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Vintage Heuer Cortina- The Ultimate Collector’s Guide

With all the focus on the “Big 4” vintage Heuer chronographs (Monaco, Autavia, Carrera and Silverstone), it’s easy to forget that there were many other models that sat alongside these classics during the 1970s. Names like Verona, Jarama and Daytona also appeared during this time and like the Big 4, were powered by the family of Chromomatic movements. Another forgotten… Read More

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Hands on Review: Heuer 510.500 Lemania

One of the reasons that I have spent time looking into the history of the Heuer and Lemania relationship recently (see here and here) was to find out more about the heritage of a watch that I’ve recently bought- a Heuer 510.500. The 510 series Heuers use the same case as the Heuer Pasadena, but with a Lemania 5100 movement… Read More

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Heuer and Lemania: Part Two

Heuer’s relationship with Lemania in the early 1980s was brief, but intense. As the first part of the Heuer/ Lemania story detailed, Heuer was actually owned by a consortium involving Lemania for a few short years before being sold to TAG in 1984/5. ThisĀ  relationship explains why there were so many Heuer models using the Lemania 5100 movement in the… Read More

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Heuer and Lemania: Part One

One of the more interesting chapters in Heuers history is its relationship with Lemania in the 1980s. Heuer watches with Lemania automatic movements first appeared in the 1983 Heuer catalogue alongside what was to be the last appearance of the Chronomatic watches. Featured in the 1983 Heuer catalogue are the following watches, all powered the Lemania 5100 movement. 510.50X series-… Read More

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In Focus- Heuer Silverstone Lemania 5100

The Calibre 12 Heuer Silverstone (Ref. 110.313 and available in Blue, Red and Fume) is one of the most famous and distinctive Heuer models from the 1970’s. Introduced in 1974, the watch was part of the Heuer range until 1977 when it was dropped. Heuer never played around with too many variations of the Silverstone- three dial colours in the… Read More



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