LWO 283

Read all Calibre 11 articles on watches featuring the LWO 283 movement, which is a combination of an ETA base movement with a Chronograph module from Lemania. The rights to the movement were later sold to Dubois-Depraz.

Many Heuer and TAG Heuer watches with Automatic movements in the 1980s-90s used the LWO 283.




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Heuer/ TAG Heuer Pilot- The Ultimate Collector’s Guide

While TAG Heuer is well-known as a maker of racing chronographs and diving watches, the company has also made a number of aviation watches, such as the Bundeswehr of the 1970s and this watch- the Pilot. The Pilot was a niche part of the “Specialist” range of watches from its launch in 1983 until it was phased out in 2003…. Read More

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TAG Heuer 3000- The Ultimate Collector’s Guide

Not surprisingly, the last Heuer catalogue released in 1984 is a mix between the classic Heuer models appearing for the last time and the new generation models that would form the backbone of the TAG Heuer range through the 1980s. Alongside the Chronomatic-powered watches (such as the Autavia, Skipper, Monza and Calculator) and Lemania 5100 watches (Carrera, Cortina and Silverstone)… Read More

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Heuer/ TAG Heuer 2000- The Ultimate Collector’s Guide

While the mainstays of the TAG Heuer collection today are the Monaco, Autavia and Carrera, things were very different 20 years ago when the re-editions were merely a novelty, rather than mainstream models. The 1000 and 2000 Series were the models that came to symbolise TAG Heuer, but while the 1000 was the first TAG Heuer diving watch, it was… Read More

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Heuer/ TAG Heuer Titanium- The Ultimate Collector’s Guide

While the internet offers collectors and prospective buyers a great way of researching and finding watches, there is still nothing like looking through a nice printed catalogue to get you in the buying mood. In looking through one of these catalogues, it was interesting to see the mix of new technologies and materials that TAG Heuer offer- mechanical quartz, titanium… Read More



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