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First Look: TAG Heuer Mikrograph 100th Anniversary (Ref. CAR5A1A)

TAG Heuer has commemorated the 100th anniversary of one its most historically important timepieces with the launch of the 2016 Heuer Mikrograph 100th Anniversary. The new Mikrograph pays homage not to a historic Heuer wristwatch, but rather to Heuer’s Mikrograph stopwatch of 1916, the first stopwatch to time to 1/ 100th second precision.The new Mikrograph is designed to be worn as… Read More

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First Look: TAG Heuer Carrera Mikrograph Avant Garde (Ref. CAR5A50)

With the benefit of hindsight, we can now see that the 2011 Heuer Mikrograph was the first shot in the TAG Heuer’s movement revolution. We showed you the very first photos of the new haute horlogerie chronograph live from its launch on a cold January morning in Geneva 2 ½ years ago. This was more than just a new watch- it… Read More

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Up Close- TAG Heuer Carrera Mikrograph Anthracite (Ref. CAR5041)

TAG Heuer has released a second version of the successful Carrera Mikrograph, this time with an Anthracite dial and matching leather strap. Like the original chocolate-colored model, the Anthracite Carrera Mikrograph (Ref. CAR5041) continues the same classical styling that combines a Rose Gold Carrera case with a dial that evokes the layout of a Stopwatch. To recap, at the heart… Read More

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TAG Heuer Monaco Mikrograph 1/1- Up Close

A few months ago Calibre 11 bought you the first photos of the TAG Heuer Monaco Mikrograph watch,  a one-off special edition Monaco made for the Only Watch Auction.  As we’re now only days away from the Auction itself, this could be one of the last chances to see this unique Monaco before it lands in the collection of a… Read More

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First Look: TAG Heuer Monaco Mikrograph

TAG Heuer have launched this very special Monaco Mikrograph at the 2011 Monaco Formula 1 Grand Prix. The watch is a one-off creation that will be auctioned at the Only Watch Charity auction in September. This is the second watch to use the new in-house Mikrograph movement. As a quick refresh, the Mikrograph is the first movement capable of 1/100th… Read More

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TAG Heuer Carrera Mikrograph- In Depth Review (Ref. CAR5040)

There aren’t many watch companies today that don’t speak of their heritage- sepia photos of the famous watches from the past, the technological achievements and of course the stars who owned them. All of this is nice, but in the end meaningless unless the company of today is building watches worthy of that legacy and not just milking an old… Read More

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TAG Heuer Carrera Mikrograph Unveiled

Having teased you with two partial photos over the last few weeks, today we can finally share with you the full pictures of the new Rose Gold Carrera Mikrograph, a Limited Edition of 150 watches and TAG’s first new watch for 2011. The magic of the Heuer Carrera Mikrograph is the Mikrograph movement- a new TAG Heuer designed, developed and… Read More

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Carrera Mikrograph: Teaser II

With only ten days to go before TAG Heuer unveil the new 2011 Carrera Mikrograph, Calibre 11 can today bring you a second teaser image- this time of the Mikrograph movement. As you may recall from the last post on this watch, the Mikrograph is a new in-house movement that will initially power a Limited Edition Rose Gold Carrera (see… Read More

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Scoop: Carrera Mikrograph

Given all the celebrations and new products launched in 2010 for TAG Heuer’s 150th anniversary, you could be forgiven for thinking that 2011 will be a relatively quiet year. The good news for the fans is that in the next month or so, we’ll see the first of the 2011 watches, the highlight being the new Carrera Mikrograph. While the… Read More

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TAG Heuer Movements: Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow

It’s hard to remember a time when there has been so much focus on the movement that sits inside a watch- where it comes from, who designed it and who made it. It may sound strange to say that there was little focus on movements until around 2000- after all, they are not only an integral part of the watch,… Read More



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