Up Close- Heuer Camaro 7220S

Last Updated on July 22, 2020 by Calibre 11

A while back, the Heuer Camaro was identified both as one my twelve “most wanted” as well as one of the models that I thought was under-appreciated by Heuer collectors (see “Crystal Ball- The big price movers for 2010”). Happily, I have been able to track one down.

This is the Camaro 7220S, powered by the manual Valjoux 72 movement (famous as being the movement in the Rolex Daytona) and without the the tachy rings that many watches had. The Camaro came on both a corfam strap and the Gay  Freres “Grains of Rice” bracelet. To my eyes, the 7220S is the simplest, least complicated and most classic of the Camaro range.

Heuer Camaro 7220S
Heuer Camaro 7220S

So why does the Camaro fall under the radar of many collectors? Perhaps partly because it was one of the last watches introduced before the “Calibre 11” era- one of the most exciting and diverse periods in the company’s history.

After the introduction of the Calibre 11 and its later sister movements, Heuer hugely expanded its model range- Monaco, Montreal, Verona, Monza, Calculator and many others, as well as introducing Calibre 11 versions of the Carrera and Autavia. The “Calibre 11” era watches have a range of bright and colourful dials and large, bold cases- think the Monaco. The Camaro 7220S is the antitheses of this era- a small-ish, simple case with a classic silver dial. While most collectors love the Calibre 11 era, the Camaro provides a nice contrast. The Camaro got swept up in all of these changes and was never fitted with the Calibre 11 movement, and was out of production by 1972.

Heuer Camaro 7220S

Whatever the reason, the Camaro 7220S remains a hidden gem and a wonderful contrast to the colour and dash of the Calibre 11 era.

You can read more about the Heuer Camaro series here at our dedicated guide.

Photos- Heuer Camaro 7220S Valjoux 72