Up Close: TAG Heuer Carrera Heuer-01 Ayrton Senna Edition (Ref. CAR2A1L)

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Here is your first look at the latest in the Ayrton Senna TAG Heuer watches- the 2017 Carrera Heuer-01 Racing Senna Edition. As with the 2015 Senna Carrera, the watch is not your usual Carrera. TAG Heuer train spotters will notice that the watch combines a Carrera Heuer-01 middle case with lugs from the Grand Carrera (as with the last Senna Carrera) and the “Legends” bracelet from the Link series.

2017 TAG Heuer Carrera Heuer-01 Ayrton Senna EditionDespite drawing from several different models, the end result is a harmonious one and has the benefit of giving the Carrera Senna Edition a unique look in the Carrera range.

The watch has a 45mm steel case, which is coated with black titanium carbide, with the same treatment applied to the bracelet. This isn’t the “full black” deep black titanium carbide coating, and with some angles the watch looks to retain its silvery finish.

2017 Carrera Senna CAR2A1LThe dial uses the new-for-2017 “Drive Timer”/ Racing layout, which adds a new semi-skeleton plate to the Carrera Heuer-01 dial to accommodate the double-digit minute markers. The dial has a rhodium coating, giving the watch a blacked-out look, which only allows the bright red detailing to stand out nicely.

2017 Carrera Heuer-01 Ayrton SennaThe Senna branding is limited to the “Senna S”, which is carried on both the 9 o’clock sub-dial and on the fixed ceramic bezel.

We understand that the watch will feature a sapphire caseback, but no photos yet.

2017 Carrera Heuer-01 Ayrton SennaOverall the watch gets the tick from us: the black and red colour scheme is tastefully done, and we like that this isn’t “just” another Carrera Heuer-01, with the Link bracelet, retaining a link- no pun intended- to the Senna Links of the 1990s/ early 2000s.

TAG Heuer Senna CAR2A1L

TAG Heuer Senna CAR2A1L

Price and Availability- Carrera Heuer-01 Senna Edition Ref. CAR2A1L

2017 TAG Heuer Carrera Heuer-01 Ayrton Senna EditionThe 2017 TAG Heuer Carrera Senna edition is expected to be priced as follows:

  • USA: $6,200
  • Europe: EUR5,500
  • Switzerland: CHF5,800


No official word yet on the on-sale date, but expect the watch to arrive in the later part of this year.


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