News: TAG Heuer Carrera Calibre Heuer 02T Tourbillon Chronograph

TAG Heuer has saved a surprise for the second week of Basel, announcing plans for a new Tourbillon Chronograph movement based on the still-born Calibre CH80. The shocking news is the price, which is planned to come in at CHF14,900 (Swiss Francs). Yes, there is no zero missing before the comma- welcome to the Carrera Calibre Heuer-02T Tourbillon, reference CAR2A8Y

TAG Heuer Calibre 02 Tourbillon

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According to Revo-online the new movement runs at 4 Hz and has a 64-hour power reserve, less than the Calibre CH80 on which it’s based.

Design wise, the watch is clearly a close relation of the just-launched Carrera Calibre Heuer-01.

TAG Heuer Carrera Calibre Heuer-02 Tourbillon

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TAG Heuer has talked for some time about “democratising” its technology- both JC Babin and Stephane Linder spoke about a sub-$10,000 Mikrograph, but reaching this price point with an in-house tourbillon would certainly be an amazing achievement.

TAG Heuer Calibre Heuer-02 Toubillon

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And of course the other point that this watch makes is that you shouldn’t expect TAG Heuer to abandon the advanced technologies and innovative movements under JC Biver’s stewardship, simply that there is clear pressure on the technical team to develop these innovations at an accessible price point.

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  • Person

    my god… O_O

  • Poc4e

    I want this 8^D

  • rage2

    Where do I sign up? An unbelievable pricepoint!

  • Aaron Hutchinson


  • Valentino

    Now we’re talking! So much class in it compared to those traffic light watches launched previously

  • Remy

    Better, but far away from being good.

    This is still definately NOT a Carrera.

    • easydoesit

      Just curious, but how is this not a Carrera? There is obviously some fresh and exciting concepts coming to play here, but how is pushing the style into a newer and exciting place take away from the heritage?

  • Jorge

    JCB’s plan to get into smart watches to build the future customer base for mechanical watches is simple and brilliant.
    (There is a video with the Director of TAG Heuer showing off the Heuer 01, love it or not, the value there is outstanding.)
    Now this! I’m greedy however I’d love to see a tourbillon in the glassbox 39mm Carrera Chrono.

  • Kappa

    I never thought I’d be able to afford a Tourbillon. This is brilliant.

  • calibre11

    Agree with the sentiments here- it’s not that amazing that TAG Heuer has made a tourbillon (they’ve done it before), it’s the price point that changes everything. What I’d love to know is how they think they can industrialise the manufacturing of a tourbillon to that level.

    The haute horlogerie watches were hand-built really by a team of about 8 watchmakers…which was fine because the cheapest was about CHF25,000 and the most expensive about 10X that price…but to get down to CHF15,000 I assume that they’ve found a solution to greatly reduce the costs.

    Also exciting that the CH80 hasn’t simply evaporated!

  • Kappa

    Arial Adams of aBlogtoWatch felt that Jean-Claude Biver is trying to turn the Carrera 01 to be a sort of “baby Hublot”.
    Any thoughts?

    • calibre11

      hmm. I think that’s a simplistic soundbite. Lot’s of websites told us 6 months ago that TAG Heuer would focus on USD1,000-3000 watches- they didn’t mention the in-house tourbillon 😉

  • Kappa

    I agree with what you said. I think they have their own attributes and this is still a (Tag) Heuer just with JCB’s own flavourings. I’m looking forward to adding it to my collection!

  • Erik Fahlman

    It doesn’t actually mention it but is this the cheapest Swiss Made Tourbillon on the market?