Only Watch Up Close: Monaco Mikrograph

A few months ago Calibre 11 bought you the first photos of the TAG Heuer Monaco Mikrograph watch,  a one-off special edition Monaco made for the Only Watch Auction.  As we’re now only days away from the Auction itself, this could be one of the last chances to see this unique Monaco before it lands in the collection of a lucky bidder.

As the name suggests, the watch uses TAG Heuer’s in-house Mikrograph 1/100th movement in a special Monaco case and bespoke dial. So having shown you the official photos before, what does the watch look like in the flesh?

Up Close with the Monaco Mikrograph

Thanks to our friends at Watchonista, we can show you these photos. What they show is an interesting variation on the standard Monaco Calibre 12 case. This new case is more rounded that the re-edition-style case, losing some of the sharper edges.


The other major change is the new pusher design, which sit much squarer on the case than the angled pushers of the Calibre 12 Monaco.

At the back of the watch is a Sapphire caseback to show off the movement, the highlight being the dual assortments- one powering the watch, and the other the Chronograph. As you may recall from past articles on the Mikrograph movement, the dual assortment ensures that the power needed to achieve 1/100th second accuracy doesn’t impact on the power reserve of the time-keeping function.

The leather strap used is a big improvement on the usual Crocodile leather in my eyes- the Rally strap gives the Chronograph a great vintage feel, while the inside of the strap is nicely lined.

  • Fantastic!

  • DC

    It's a cool watch- actually, if you haven't seen the whole range of Only Watch pieces being auctioned, they're well worth a look. Great to see the watch brands put in so much effort to these one-offs


  • Tman

    After seeing this Monaco micrograph limited edition. I begin to wonder if there will be another Monaco with some similar styling feature…a replacement to the current LS monaco perhaps??

  • DC

    I reckon you're on to something- history says that Concept watches lend their design to production models down the track:

    – Monaco V4 case used for the Monaco 24 and the Monaco Watch

    – Design template of Carrera 360 borrowed for the Carrera Day-Date

    Let's hope!


  • Abhishek

    May I know the price of this watch..?

  • Abhishek

    its awesome…

  • DC

    Hi Abhishek- there's only one watch and its being who knows what it will go for?

    Anyone care to guess?


  • Verona

    $20 000.00?

  • George

    Given it is 1 of 1, the movement used and the watch box I'm going to guess $72,500.00.

    I do love the looks of it. I hope we get something similar down the road.

  • Abhishek


  • Abhishek

    But really Tag Heuer accessories are superb.. Still Hats Off to that watch

  • Rick

    @verona if its auctioned at price of 20,000 usd it would be sold in no time.. perhaps monaco 4v rose gold version was about 80,000 CHF being a limited production of 20 pieces and this is just one single piece being auctioned..might be around 65,000 to 75,000 usd.. hence its a grand complication

  • DC

    George and Rick, I reckon you're on the money. Given where you guys are, I'll guess $60,000


  • Abhishek

    Hey May I know What's the price of tag heuer monaco calibre 36.. My Uncle gave me gift it on ma 18 B'day so just wanted to know the price..

  • wynonie

    Great strap, great box, great cause and great technology – but, i'm sorry, I can't stand the watch! Far too much going on for me.

  • DC

    Final price last night was EUR44,000 (approx. USD60k)

    Congratulations to the highest bidder