TAG Heuer Silverstone- Red Dial Jack Heuer Unique Piece (Ref. CAM2112)

Last Updated on August 17, 2020 by Calibre 11

As we posted back in April, The Haslinger collection of vintage Heuer watches will be auctioned by Bonhams in London in December. As part of this auction, TAG Heuer have created a very special version of the Silverstone re-edition- a one-off Red Silverstone that carries Jack Heuer’s signature on the dial.

While the studio photos have been out for a while, thanks to Paul Maudsley of Bonhams, we are able to bring you the first photos of the Silverstone out in the wild (taken in its natural home of Goodwood no less).

TAG Heuer Silverstone Jack Heuer

You can see a comparison of the new Silverstone to the original Heuer Silverstone below. Like the Blue and Brown Silverstone re-editions, TAG Heuer have done a great job of replicating the original style and dimensions.

This Silverstone will be auctioned on 15 December, with Bonhams estimating that it could fetch £6,000-8,000. A healthy premium over the other re-edition models, but when you consider that this is a Limited Edition of 1 and the only Heuer or TAG Heuer watch to ever carry Jack Heuer’s signature on the dial, it will make a fantastic Christmas present for someone.

TAG Heuer Silverstone Red LE - 1

TAG Heuer Silverstone Red Dial- Reference CAM2112