TAG Heuer Limited Editions- Singapore 2010

TAG Heuer’s tradition of issuing Limited Edition watches for the Singapore Grand Prix continues in 2010.

The Singapore GP edition was a Grand Carrera in 2008 and a Carrera Day/ Date Carbon Fiber in 2009– and this year? A Monaco and a Lady F1.

The Monaco is based on the Calibre 12″Black McQueen“, but with Green hands and markings in place of the usual red. The watch comes with both a black leather strap (with Green stitching) and a rubber strap .

These great photos below come from PuristSPro– a first-rate website that is well worth visiting for photos and information of new watches- usually at the “haute horology” end of things.

The second Singapore LE watch is a Lady F1, which misses out on the Green highlights, but instead combines a black ceramic bracelet and black diamonds for a look that we’ll call “Stealth Bling”. While the ladies range of watches in not one that I am overly familiar with, I quite like the new Lady F1 series.

The Monaco is a Limited Edition of 100 watches, while there will be 250 Lady F1’s made.

I like the fact that TAG Heuer is creating a unique look for their Singapore specials- although like last year I’m not 100% sold on the black/ green combination. But, if you’ve got the 2008 and 2009 watches, then its time to try to get hold of the first ever green Monaco.

More photos here



VL Kong, PuristSPro

  • JFLUX13

    Not at all convinced by this black/green combination either…

    Nice lady watch, though.

  • Steve Greene

    The green handed Monaco is interesting but I'll bet an orange handed version would look even better. Particularly if the hour and minute hands were similar to the orange hands used in the 1970's black PVD Monaco.

  • wynonie

    I have to say, I love it with the Green trim. I think for a limited edition so specific, you'd have to attend the GP or at least have some affinity with Singapore, but I think it stands up as a really great looking watch.

  • DC

    Now bright orange is a great idea- ties in well with McLaren's traditional colours


  • Justin

    I agree with the orange hands, however, I dont believe Tag Heuer would do that as they would de-value the "Gulf" Ltd Ed.

  • Ryan

    Im slightly disappointed with this. the 09 version was much much better. the green in this one looks off.

  • Rich

    Hi DC

    Great pics but a truly horrid Monaco, the worst yet for me…sorry!

    Less is more…

    Rich http://www.heuermonaco.co.uk

  • DC

    No need to be sorry Rich!

    I guess that the objective of the Singapore series is to create something distinctive for Singapore GP. While the Green/ black may not be everyone's favourite colour combination, at least its a better effort that some of the watches that were produced for the Australian Grand Prix, which just had a logo on the dial.


  • David Howlett

    How come the Monaco is numbered 000/100?

    The first one would be 001 surely??

    Not the greatest looking watch I have to say anyway, I'd have prefered blue I think.

    David Howlett

  • DC

    Good question David- maybe this is the prototype?


  • Rich J

    Just got hold of #21 of the Monaco's; I love it! yes, green is different, but is in line with the SG GP. Given me a Monaco to wear with my non-blue suits (I don't have any green ones!) Looking forward to wearing it this weekend

    • DC

      Great Rich- congratulations. If you find time, please send me a photo (info@calibre11.com)- I'd love to post a real life photo.


  • wynonie

    Don't know if you saw the limited edition Carrera Calibre S for the Abu Dhabi GP – looks good to me….

    <img src="http://www.ameinfo.com/images/news/large/5/103055-T.jpg&quot; alt="" />

  • DC

    Thanks Wynonie- looks interesting…although hard to see from that photo what they've done for the LE version- is it the red detailing?

  • Wynonie

    yes, bit of red detail and a Grand Carrera strap, rather than the usual rubber or bracelet. it says abu dhabi 2010 on the tachy. i saw a poster sized pic in the AD in Dubai and it its a pretty cool combo – 200 being made available.

  • Cal

    One for sale on ebay. They say 100 were numbered and 400 without numbers..weird.

    • DC

      Don't know about that Cal- but its possible

  • Marie

    Is it possible to have one without the number? I saw one for sale and the post above. How can I verify?

    • DC

      Actually, I think I have seen/ read of these without numbers before. If you have a photo, please send to info@calibre11.com


  • Philmo

    Sorry – the contrarian in me says it's a good looking watch, so much so I started looking around and stumbled across a number of European sources offering the same colour scheme based on a cal 12 but with the standard cal 12 script on case back.

    The model ref is CAW2117 and one of the dealers offering advises that it's a limited edition issued this year. No sign of it on the TH website though.

    Can anyone advise the official status of these?

    Best regards


  • DC

    Hi Philmo,

    I've received a couple of e-mails on these. I think the verdict was that it was a LE for the French market. TAG Heuer make a few country-specials throughout the year, none of which are highlighted in the website or catalogs.

    Does anyone else know about these?


  • Philmo

    Many thanks DC

  • Brandon

    I got mine last August from local AD. #76 which happen to be my birth year and I absolutely love it.