Apollo Project: TAG Heuer Basel 2011 Concept- LIVE

A week ahead of its unveiling at Baselworld 2011, TAG Heuer has announced the details of the launch of what they are calling the “Apollo Project”.

On 23 March at 18h45 CET, the launch of the 2011 Concept watch at Baselworld will be streamed live at the TH Facebook page– and here at Calibre 11- see the countdown clock and live feed below.

The photo to the right is the only image released, and although we can only see two lime-green digits, there are a few clues.

TAG Heuer will only say that the watch will feature a “ground-breaking innovation in high-frequency time piece technology” and notes that it will be a significant leap forward over the technology shown in the Heuer Carrera Mikrograph, claiming that:

If the Carrera Mikrograph is to watchmaking what walking on the moon is to space history, then the top-secret Apollo Project is the equivalent of the first manned landing on Mars“.

A bold statement!

My guess is that the watch will either offer a higher degree of accuracy that the Mikrograph (which would be an amazing feat and perhaps explain what looks like three digits on the dial) or that it will achieve the same accuracy as the Mikrograph, but using an innovative technology to deliver the high frequency.

Next week is the busiest and most exciting week of the year for watch-lovers, with almost every company launching their major new lines, all over the course of two weeks. Stay tuned to Calibre 11 for all the news of the launches- both in the lead-up to Basel and the first photos and reaction to the new models. There is a new “Basel 2011” label in the menu bar where you can read all the articles.

Update- 26 March 2011

For all the details about the Mikrotimer Flying 1000 Concept watch, take a look here



  • Yande2536

    These are very exciting times for Tag Heuer. To me, it seems as if the Company has gained a new lease on innovation this past year. I wonder if these latest releases (Cal 1887, Mikrograph and now The Apollo Project) are extraordinay for Tag, or is it just business as usual. I've only become interested (addicted) to horology this past year, although have been a Tag/Heuer fan for decades. Thanks David for this notification.

  • DC

    Agree Mark- a pretty remarkable last 5 years, compared to say the 5 previous years.

    I think it is a marked change- the whole idea of a Concept watch is fairly new for TAG Heuer (early 2000s). What makes the current crop different is the focus on innovative in-house movements and high-precision(mikrograph, V4, Calibre 360, Microtimer) rather than on a nice-looking watch with an ETA movement.


  • George

    Hoping to see a nice tool watch. Something like my old aerospace but updated. I'm guessing that we are looking at a digital/analog display in that photo?

  • DC

    George, despite the neon Green numbers, I'd be very surprised if this was anything other than a mechanical analogue watch

  • Swissdude

    I don't think the numbers are green. I think they are the normal silver applied numbers on the Caliber 16Day/Date somehow reflecting a green screen.

    What i am thinking about is if the numbers are at the six or twelve position, you could rotate the watch and take the photo, just to play with the dial position as double zero would look the same in either position. Maybe they got 1000sec chronograph with a pendulum movement. That's just my guess

  • DC

    Could be Swissdude. Not sure about the numbers though…they look green to me!

    The photo looks to show the 6 o'clock position on the dial. If you look at the style of the minute markers, they are very similar to the Carrera Mikrograph.

    Given that the Carrera Mikrograph was a classicly-styled watch, I'd expect the concept to be more avant-garde in design.