TAG Heuer Baselworld 2012 Preview

The main watch show of the year- Baselworld- kicks off next week in Basel, Switzerland. It’s a crazy week where every watch brand vies for the attention of customers, collectors and the press. Around 1800 companies attend Basel, with more than 100,00 visitors expected.

From a watch lover’s point of view, the main attraction is the chance to see the new 2012 watches- an impact that has been lessened now that there is the SIHH/ Geneva launches in January and then Baselworld only a few weeks later.

Like many Swiss brands, TAG Heuer has a long-standing link with the Basel show. Heuer first attended the Basel Watch Fair in 1934 (apparently the last time that Hotel rooms in the city were freely available on less than 12 months notice) and launched the Monaco, Autavia and Carrera Calibre 11 Chronographs at the show in 1969.

As well as showing off the new production watches, TAG Heuer were a pioneer in showing “Concept Watches”, an idea borrowed from the car industry.

The whole event is a hugely important one for every brand and the busiest time of year for anyone connected to the industry- to give you a sense of scale, TAG Heuer bring more than 2,000 watches to Basel- many of which are pre- production models.

Baselworld 2012- TAG Heuer

Let’s take a sneak preview at what you can expect to see from TAG Heuer next week.

Lady Collection

As we’ve detailed before, the Lady’s collection is a major focus this year. TAG Heuer showed the new Ceramic & Steel Lady Formula 1 watches at Geneva in January, so expect new Carrera and Link models. The key trend in the Lady collection is to move away from the watches being simply small versions of the Men’s watches with a few diamonds for sparkle. The new ranges are specifically designed for women, and in some cases look quite different to the Men’s model of the same name.


If the Geneva 2012 launch was all about the Formula 1 series, then Basel is all about the Carrera, with several new models being launched. Among them is this watch- the Carrera Jack Heuer 80th Birthday Edition. The watch is a Limited Edition that combines the case of the Carrera 1887 with the traditional Carrera bi- compax Chronograph layout.

To see more photos of the new Carrera and information on pricing and availability, click here.

  • shauno

    Wow, love the Carrera – though pretty close in design to the previous "Jack Heuer" 40 years of Carrera model – I would have thought maybe they'd wait until 2014 & release a 50th version!

    I wonder how many they'll release – the old one was only 1964!

  • wynonie

    Great scoop DC, the new Carrera looks stunning. One question, Calibre 17 – what does that mean? Eta or Selita based? Shame its not an 1887.

  • PJS

    Great piece DC looking forward to Basel too ! have you seen the Jack Heuer in person yet, if so what was your opinion on the silver sunray effect.

    Believe the Calibre 17 movement is the ETA 2894-2 wynonie.

  • DC

    Shauno, I believe its 3000 watches.

    Wynonie, Good question- Calibre 17 is ETA 2824-2 as you know, and Sellita do have the SW200 version…will try and find out…Expect to see the SW500 (ETA 7750) used this year.

    As much as I like the Cal. 1887, I prefer this dial layout for this watch- complex to do that with an 1887.


  • PJS

    DC sorry but is 2824-2 not calibre 5 thought it was 2894-2 for calibre 17.

  • DC

    Spot on…I always get those two mixed up!

  • Gomers


    Loving that Carrera, any word on whether there will be a new version of the Cal. 5 Carrera with a bigger than 39mm case ?

    I'm thinking about a Carrera WV211B and might hesitate pulling the trigger if a revised version was due out.

    As ever, any help appreciated.

  • ray

    pls send me the prices of these watches in us dollar

  • DB10

    David, thanks for the insight.

    I was hoping they were doing something with the Carrera range. I didn't really take to the Heritage line, and I have been looking at picking up an old CV2113 in the meantime.

    Love the JH80 edition, exactly the sort of thing I'd be looking for!

    Any idea on price yet?


  • PJS

    Not sure about any other countries but the UK RRP is £3750.

  • Keltoi

    Great scoop David . Any news about any new Aquaracers?

  • DC

    Thanks for the comments gents:

    @gomers: not that I know of- mainly Chronographs this time

    @Ray: no US price yet…next week

    @DB10: Hi, yes, I'm thinking about the JH80 as well..as for the rest of the new Carreras…in-house movements all the way!

    @PJS, thanks for the update Sorry, I didn't answer your last question, but no, I have not seen in person. Dial looks great in the photos

    @Keltoi, I don't know of any new Aquaracers for Basel

    Looking forward to next week already!


  • Bård

    Man, really like the new Carrera.

  • AJBrown

    I actually gasped when I saw that Carrera. Just beautiful. Sporty but classic. Love it.

  • john partridge

    Hi guys love the site – really valuable content for when I bought my 300 slr last year. Let me say it is a fabulous thing to own. I managed to scratch it a bit when I first began to wear it due to its size. The AD wasn't too helpful but TAG customer service invited me to send it in and they gave it a polish up gratis to preserve goodwill. Came back as new. Can't ask for more.

    I am looking at the JH carrera. What is the calibre 17 movement and is it better or worse than the 1887 which I find keeps good time.

  • DC

    Thanks John. Calibre 17 is the ETA 2894-2- very reliable, bullet-proof movement. Both are on par in terms of keeping accurate time.

    I prefer the more modern Calibre 1887, but then again the Calibre 17 has the "right" two-register layout for this watch…the 1887 has the 3-dial layout that Heuer didn't really use until the early 1980s.