Movement-assembling (1)So, you’ve decided to look for your new TAG Heuer online…and why not? It’s the easiest way to do your homework before you go any further. The challenge is that, putting your house and car to one side, a new watch is probably the most expensive purchase that most men will make, so it’s important to get it right- and that means buying the right watch for you and not getting fleeced by buying a fake.

It’s an obvious thing to say that these risks are multiplied when you are looking for information and buying online. But done correctly, you will find a wealth of information online- information that will help you with research, or lead you to make a better, safer purchase. How do you do this? Read on…

Do your research

Watchmaker, Customer ServiceThe first place that most people will go to is the official TAG Heuer website, which can be found here. The website has photos of most of the current range (sometimes it doesn’t carry the limited editions) as well as helpful information on the movement that each watch uses and care instructions. Now that you know which model you’d like, you may want to get some “unofficial” views on the watch. That’s the reason Calibre 11 exists- to share our views on various TAG Heuer watches with you. We’ll tell you a bit about the history, take a look at the design of the watch and then tell you about what powers the watch- the movement. Wherever possible we try and use original photos taken by a very amateur photographer- no studio tricks. Click on the image below to be taken to the list of reviews and articles that we have on every TAG Heuer model ever made.

TAG Heuer RangeThere are other TAG Heuer “review” sites, but be aware that many of these are essentially fronts for Grey Market dealers (we’ll come to them shortly) that pay a media agency to write generic scripts about watches in the hope of generating search engine rankings. It’s a little trick of the trade, and you can tell within the first couple of paragraphs whether the person has ever seen even a photo of the watch they are supposedly writing about.

Finally, there are Watch Forums. These are inhabited by real watch lovers (watch geeks? Yes….unashamedly!) who have strong opinions about everything and know the details of every new watch down to the last screw. Try it for yourself at the Calibre 11 Forums

TAG Heuer Forum BannerThe forums are great sources of information, but take what you read with a grain of salt- buy a watch that you like, not one that a group of people you’ve never met believe is the “best”.


One question often asked is “where do you get your information on TAG Heuer?”. The answer is simple- much of it comes from the old sales catalogues. That’s why we’ve spent so much time scanning and uploading catalogs, the list of which you can find by clicking on the image below.

TAG Heuer CataloguesStudying the old catalogs closely and comparing the images and reference numbers to the watch that you are planning on buying will help you spot replica watches- useful not just for new TAG Heuer watches, but also second-hand models.

What about Vintage Heuer?

Maybe you’ve decided to go vintage? Good call. Calibre 11 started out with a pure vintage focus, and we still cover many of the famous Heuer models. Again, you can click on the image below to be taken to the list of reviews and articles organised by model.

Vintage HeuerBuying vintage is more of a minefield, as the data and records kept of these watches was pretty poor compared to today. Many watches have been modified- sometimes because the right parts are no longer available, sometimes to pretend that a watch is something that it isn’t.

Now that you’ve read the buying guide, you may want to buy online- so how does that work? Click here for how to buy online- safely.



  • Imraan

    Hi, i currently live in South Africa, what is the process of importing tags from the factory to SA?



  • robert hare email address robert hare I bought a tag several years ago and been very happy, my son and daughter in law also own tags. I bought my wife one june 3rd this year for her birthday. when I bought mine I received baseball cap black with just the green and red tag insigna on the front, in the mail.loved that hat wondering where I can get a couple more hats, I've looked everywhere with no luck. I will be checking my email thanks robert hare

  • Hi Robert. No, I haven't seen these for a while…but I know the one that you are talking about. Perhaps they're no longer made?

    Keep an eye out on eBay…


  • Brook Winiger

    I think I have a Tag Heuer cg1122-0 from catalog year 92/93. It has all the right markings and T swiss made T on face. I have the original box and paperwork, but it is in Japanese as that is where I got it from a old boyfriend. Was wondering where the best place to get replacement paperwork/ directions in English, and replace the battery. I would also like to know what it is worth since I've just had it sitting around for the last 14 years. Any info would be helpful, thank you in advance.

  • jingo camomot

    im still wearing my 1988 tag it still works fine. love my tag

  • Lori

    I have a nice, working man's Tag watch that I am trying to date…it says WK112-0 DK8274 on back. It looks like the Aquachart Calibre11 2000 watches. It has a white face, black Tag band and the face has blue and red colored Tag logo on face…any help would be welcomed! This watch is my son's and he wants me to sell it for him on ebay so that he can put the proceeds towards an auto for school. Thanks!

    • Hi Lori- not aware of any genuine TAG Heuer with a blue and red logo


  • Robert

    I am trying to identify my TAG, WE7864, CK1121BB329. can any one help. Gold on s steel,

  • icetinta

    Hi there, I would like to buy an aquaracer watch in Istanbul Turkey. There are several retailers, no problem. But they all says that the distributor is a company as saat&saat which warranty and services of Tag Heurer is being provided by them. Problem is, there are tens of pages customer complains from hundreds of customers about this company for their significant bad service quaility and very negative customer approach. So I'm reluctant to buy a watch which warranty provided by this company. I appreciate for any idea.

    • Ali Bora

      Hi icetinta, S&S opens their tag boutique and also their service I purchased aquaracer last week and it was not accurate I sent the caliber 16 service they corrected now already five days accuracy -+0.
      I am happy now . If you send me email I am gong to help you.
      Regards- Bora

  • Hi. I don't know of the particular companies that you mention, but if a company is handling the servicing and not TAG Heuer, that generally means that they are not an Authorised Dealer…and so there are risks. Whether this makes sense depends on your risk profile- but I would stick with an authorised TAG Heuer dealer.



  • Bob

    A TV watch host in the U.S. stated that Tag Heuer now "controls" the longtime watch brand Jacques Lemans. Any truth to that statement?

  • Haven't heard anything about that Bob. It's a privately-held Austrian company that make watches in both Hong Kong and Switzerland…I'd be surprised

    • Bob

      Me too, actually. Thanks for the response, but I looked at it with a jaundiced eye as well.

  • Andrew G

    Hello, I own serial Tags.. Is there a web site to go to, To identify tag watches by there serial numbers like Rolex..? and if so can anyone point my in the right direction,
    Number is WK1113-0 DH7466…?


  • Hi. It's a TAG Heuer 2000 quartz….blue dial.

    Best place to take a look is the catalogs that are displayed here:

  • Geoff

    Hi Guys,

    I think I have spotted a ringer, but wanted to double check myself.
    Back of case says: CAL1 13. From pix I cannot tell if there is a missing number or nothing there.
    Serial is indicated as: KR5687 or KR5887.
    I've spent hours going through the catalogs and I can't match it.
    Has a dial layout with top, left, lower sub dials. Date at 3:00 but it has an open 3 pane cutout rectangle for date where you can see the numbers above and below. Looks like a Carerra date window I've seen on one model.
    Anyone know if this is worth pursuing or knock-off?

  • Geoff, hard to be too definitive without a photo…but it doesn't sound right


    • Geoff


      Scared him off with all my questions. It was a fake.
      When I could not match it to anything, I was pretty sure.
      I mean, all my other Tags are there, and they sure match the catalog! No question!
      So, moral of the story, if it smells off, or is too good to be true –
      Just remember the old adage, "a fool and his money are soon parted."

  • Michael

    purchased a Formula 1 2/17/13, Model WAV111A. watch stop the other morning in cold weather. it's less than a year old. seemed to start back up again after I pulled the time adjustment, but doesn't seem to keep accurate time anymore. Is it as simple as a batter? Why would it only last 1 year? thanks!

    • Hi Michael- that model number doesn't correspond to any TAG Heuer model I know of..WAC111A? Assuming the watch is genuine, the there is no reason why you'd have a problem. Could be the battery, but in one year that's unlikely.

      And of course, depends how "cold" you mean by cold…in extreme temperatures, quartz can lose time


  • glenn

    Hi I bought a CA1210-1 with a red dial and black bezel and Im trying to date it but cant find it in any of the catalogues..the blue one is always the standard…do you know if the red was a limited edition?

  • glenn

    Hi I bought a CA1210-1 with a red dial and black bezel and Im trying to date it but cant find it in any of the catalogues..the blue one is always the standard…do you know if the red was a limited edition?

  • Angel

    the case of the tagheuer Formula1 is broken and Tagheuer don't have the case i need a solution.
    The case is red.

  • Elle

    Can you provide any information about a stainless heuer watch (doesn't say tag) with a green face? It is a 986 model. Thanks!

    • Doesn't sound right Elle- not sure that Heuer ever did a Green-dial watch? If you want to send me a photo, try


  • Greg Norris

    I am wanting to know the value of my Heuer 1000 989.106 L , 200 meter quartz professional, it is in great condition and works perfectly. This watch does not display Tag on the face only Heuer.

    • Rough guide Greg, I reckon $500-750 depending on condition, whether it has a bracelet, etc


  • Great guide I've used it for years to help purchase the lower end Tags. Finally moving up to either a Grand Carrera or a Goodwood festival of speed limited edition. Do have one question though. The Tag outlet store in Orlando sell a ladies Tag that says professional 200m on the front. Am I right in thinking that's likely a 2000 series watch and no newer than 2005? It certainly looks newer but I thought all ladies watches post 2005 in that design said aquaracer on them?

    • Thanks David. Yes, it's right that the word "Professional" hasn't been used for some time. Not sure on the changeover dates, but take a look through the Catalogs.



  • Romel Caldwell

    My father recently passed away and he has a Tag Heuer watch , WAH 1110 and I wanted to know the value of it.

    • Sorry to hear that Romel. Ebay suggests that new ones of these sell for around USD800, so I would have thought that depending on condition, whether you have the box, etc. that you would be looking around $400-600.


  • magenta

    I have just read your review on the 1997 Monaco CS2110 and am interested in buying this model but am wanting to do some research first on the specs so I know what is authentic or fake.
    What would the face of the watch material be ? acrylic or glass? and the dial your article says it was facing 3 not 9 is that correct?
    also if there are any other clues for the original that a fake probably wouldn't have? it has the original box and booklet but no valuation or paperwork.

    • Reasonably low-risk Magenta. I don't think that I have ever seen a replica of the CS2110. The "crystal" is plexi-glass, i.e. acrylic. The box itself should be different to the usual box- there was a Steve McQueen box and it came in a brown leather box. Having said that, a watch that came in a standard box is not necessarily a fake.

      So, your risk is low, but its sensible to still take the usual precautions.


  • Shaun

    Hi I was interested in learning more about the Tag I just purchased. I think it's a 1000 series but I'm not sure. It has the following numbers on the back; 929.213G-20 Serial number 026702 Professional 200 m. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

  • Ted Avery

    In 1989 my brother-in-law presented me with the gift of a Tag 2000 Professional #962 006. He paid $895 for it at that time in at an overseas dealership before arriving here. He immediately priced it at a local up-scale jewelry shop which was selling them for around $1200. I have had this watch for the past 25 years and have only changed the battery 4 or 5 times since. Any idea of the current re-sale value of this particular model?? Thanks.

  • JAKE 2000

    The watch shown above in 3000 Series do you know what model it is?

    • calibre11

      Jake, my best guess is that the Ref is 934.213…will be from the last year of production, so 1990/ 91.


  • hollyman

    Hi i am from Germany and i will buy a TAG HEUER WEST MCLAREN MERCEDES 98 Watch on Ebay Germany my question is:are this watches fake or real?

  • hollyman

    Hi again the numbers on ebay Germany are 221506847279 and 191264965073 and 331269954821. by the last one of them their are 2 photos were you can see 4 autographs DENNI, HAKKINEN,COULTHARD and HAUG and their are only 5oo pieces. i cant find no Infos from that watch.please excuse my School english it is a Long time ago when i learn it.

  • hollyman

    Many thanks but i think in this limited Edition theirs only 3999 pieces and the photo Shows 500 pieces. is that 1 limited Edition or maybe more. i know only from that Edition with 3 autographs in the back with 4 autographs i never hear before.

    • calibre11

      Yes, in the comments section of that story are some photos of the watch with both three and four signatures- I think both are genuine. Price I don’t know.

    • Alitaff

      I just bought one with 4 autographs and been told only 500 of these were made and the rest have 3 signature.

  • hollyman

    is the Price ok when i pay 600€ for this watch and what was the real Price 1998?
    Many thanks from germany

  • KAI

    I have just purchased my first luxury watch, a TAG Heuer Carrera Calibre 5 automatic!

  • RossNat

    Can anyone help me find out more about this… I have a 1987 tag with the code 586 315, it is a limited edition that has a picture of a yacht on it. It is blue with a white face, cannot seem to find any others with the same reference or with the yacht symbol. I think it was to do with the Americas cup. Any help or info would be appreciated as would like to find out how much it is worth.

  • Mack Lynn

    Now I can buy genuine and perfect Tag watch for this Christmas. You should post a guide on buying custom diamond watches

  • Arthur

    Breaking News – Biver Takes over TAG – Full info on Haute Time

  • Jm

    Hi I wonder if anyone can tell me where I might find a replacement tag jubilee silver & gold bracelet strap for my old tag watch. The watch was given as a gift to me from my husband in 1996 and I’ve worn it every day since however a few month ago I fell over ,caught the watch and snapped it where the bracelet joins the shoulder mounting(apologies this isn’t the right term I know! ) the watch is a 1500 series with a gray face. Thank you

  • Jm

    Hi, thank you for the reply. I’ve actually went to my house contents insurers to see if they can help me ,haven’t claimed for 10years plus so think its worth a shot as it’s actually (I think!) only the straight pin inside the mounting of the strap which I’ve broken/lost. So hoping a good jewellers such may be able to have a tag approved specialist fix it. I’m waiting to see what they say but thank you for the reply, that strap is exactly like mine only the gold colouring is not as worn as mine !! I doubt it’s worth much these days but means a lot to me and Ive had my money’s worth out of it !

    • calibre11

      Are you talking about the Springbar? If so, these cost about 20 cents. There aren’t really TAG Heuer specific parts, so any watchmaker will easily be able to help you with one of these

  • Charlie Whittaker

    For anyone considering a Tag watch I would advise against it. Less than 5 years ago my wife bought me the first really decent watch I have ever owned (A carrerra). This 100 meter watch (that never kept particularly good time, 2 minutes or so a week gain), that was never taken deeper than a 1.5 meter swimming pool, has leaked. The repair estimate from Tag is £695. For that I could buy a watch that keeps good time and doesn’t leak!

    • calibre11

      Sorry to hear that Charlie. I know that this is not what you want to hear, but no brand would recommend using a watch in water that hasn’t had its seals checked for 5 years.

      TAG Heuer recommend “every 12 months” for checking seals:!tab-1 This is quite conservative, but two years seems about right.

      Omega say the same thing:

      I’m not sure about your case, but I do think the retailers need to do more to make sure every customer understands this fact. Sure, it’s easy to sell the “500m” water resistance, but the reality is that it’s more important to tell the customer the importance of regularly checking seals, because that little rubber ring is the only thing keeping the water out.


  • Jules

    I bought a TAG 1000 in Sydney back in 1989 (tax free UK resident) and its still going strong. It did have the yellowish luminious face but that deteriorated so it has a black face now along with new hands and bezel.
    Just come across this website as i was looking at buying another – some good information.

    • calibre11

      Thanks Jules- they’ve certainly become popular again

  • Jay Flex


    Pls any reviews/recommendation on the Tag Heuer Formula 1 Men’s Watch Caliber 16 Automatic Chronograph 44mm?

  • Chris

    Does anyone know what size Crown I need to replace the crown on a CV2011 Calibre 16

  • rob

    is there any way to check what the manufacture year is of the watch I am buying as it does not have the paper work

  • GW190468

    Hi, I have a Tag Heuer Gold S/EL purchase date 13/04/2000. The watch is barely worn and has all boxes, guarantees and paperwork. Is anyone able to give me an approximate value on it? The receipt shows a purchase price of $2,450 (Australian Dollars). Thanks to anyone who can assist.

    • calibre11

      Hi- hard to give specific value…take a look at the back of the watch and you should be able to see the reference number.

      In general, the S/el hasn’t held it’s value that well unfortunately- likely to be worth less than $1000, but that’s just a ball-park figure.


      • GW190468

        Hi – thank you for coning back to me. I appreciate it. No. on the back is WG 1333 and then another number under it UR 0035. Has the words Sapphire Crystal Water Resistant 200m.GW

  • Raymond Zammit
  • klm

    I am looking at buying a used tag. It is two years old. They paid $1200, asking $600. Great Condition and only worn on special occasions. In the box. Model number on warranty card is CAH1111BAC850 *EPH1211
    Purchase date 5/27/13 Is this a good price and if not what is?

  • swordfish

    i have a used tag i want to get rid of it bought it in 2005 paid $2,300 for it got all the papers for it bought it in a tag store can anyone tell me whats its worth Model# CT1151BD0552

  • David Hronowski

    I am looking at purchasing a older S/EL model Tag Heuer but I know there are Large and Medium sizes. How can I tell the difference if the sellers only list “mens” For example is the Model # WG-1130 or S94-706 large or medium ?

    • calibre11

      Hi. TAG Heuer changed its reference numbers in 1993- so S94-006 is the same as WG-1130 as you can see here. (S94-706 = WG2110)

      06 denotes the largest size

  • MMM

    Hi Im thinking to buy the model CAR2A80 i want to know the year of manufacture if its 2013 or 2014. Because my dealer says it is 2015 model. please could you help me on this

    • calibre11

      It’s a model that has been in the Catalogue for a couple of years, but there is no way of knowing which year your particular watch was manufactured

  • Pedro

    Just got a red face / red bezel Tag Heuer 1000 divers it was a gift from my grandfather. Would like to know more about the watch but havent find anything only that it is from 93 and it was made only for a year. Do you have any info that could help get to know more about the watch?

  • Wesley Jones

    I recently got a 980.023N. It has an aftermarket strap on it. I am looking for a 1980s original bracelet. Can anyone point me in the right direction? Thanks in advance!