First Look: TAG Heuer Carrera 1887 43mm

TAG Heuer has expanded the use of its Calibre 1887 movement to another model in the Carrera range- the 2012 Carrera 1887 43mm Chronograph. As the name implies, the watch has a 43mm case diameter, 2mm larger than the existing Carrera 1887 Chronograph.

Along with the larger diameter come a range of tweaks to the design, many of which we have seen on other watches in the Carrera range. While the 41mm Carrera 1887 is still very much a sporting TAG Heuer Chronograph, the larger models veers towards the luxury end of the scale.


Putting aside the obviously larger case, the new watch effectively brings together the design of the Carrera Heritage series with the second version (“V2”) of the Carrera 1887 41mm (above left). Compared with the V3 1887 in stores today (below), the V2 Carrera had a simpler design: no tachy scale on the inner bezel,  less overt silver sub-dial rings, no silver date-window and no circular pattern on the 9 o’clock register.


The new TAG Heuer Carrera 43 combines the simpler design approach of the V2 Carrera with some of the luxury touches of the Carrera Heritage series (below)- most notably, the rose gold Arabic numerals replacing the usual hour-markers.

To further distinguish the 43mm from the 41mm model, all models in the new Carrera 43 series have Gold hour and minute hands to match the gold Arabic numerals. This is contrasted by the black sub-dial hands at 12 and 6 o’clock, while the hand on the 9 o’clock register is also rose gold. The black-dial model breaks from this formula with all-gold hands.

The overall impact of these changes is a watch that looks quite distinct from the 41mm Chronograph- more elegant and more luxurious, albeit one that is reminiscent of the IWC Portuguese.

The Chronograph uses the traditional Carrera case design, and like the 41mm model, the case is quite deep. We’ll have some live photos coming soon to show you the depth of the 43mm relative to the 41mm.


The cream-dial watch (CAR2012) comes with three ways of connecting it to your wrist: the usual Carrera “5-Brick” bracelet, a beautiful dark-tan leather strap or a black leather strap.

Black Dial

The black dial version (CAR2014) comes with either a black leather strap or the bracelet.

Personally I find the Black and Rose Gold combination a little too much- on the cream dial the Rose Gold seems to blend in more- the Black dial only highlights the Gold, making it more bling.

Anthracite Dial

Finally, there is a special version of the watch that is likely to be available exclusively through the boutiques. The Anthracite coloured dial is combined with a Sunray effect and an Anthracite dial.

Anthracite is very much the “2012 colour” for TAG Heuer, with the new Formula 1 series and the second Mikrograph LE also coming in what used to be called Slate Grey.

Price and Availability

The 2012 TAG Heuer Carrera 43mm Chronograph range should start to appear in stores from April 2012, with the exact dates varying by country. Expect prices to be around 20% more than the 41mm 1887- so around CHF5500 for the 43mm versus CHF4500 for the 41mm in Switzerland.



  • DB10

    I think the marrying of v.2 1887 and the Heritage works quite well.

    I'm not keen on rose gold generally, but agree it is much better on the cream dial. With the black dial it looks a bit Mont Blanc.

    I'd like to see this with cream dial/blue numerals or black dial/silver numerals.

    I think the Arabic numerals work better here than the italicised ones on the Heritage.

    These will be retailing at 4250 GBP according to the TH boutique when I popped in at the weekend – although I'm not sure if that includes the rise due shortly.

    Overall, I quite like the design but the rose gold isn't me. I'm a JH80 limited edition man I'm afraid.

  • NikeJacket

    Thanks for posting. Never liked the idea of a Carrera as a dress watch. Hopefully, they will update the Caliber 16 Tachy models with the 1887 soon.

  • Shaun

    Nice!! Very nice!!

  • Pinto


    Very well covered Calibre 11. I have been on your site since October 2011. I am celebrating my 40th birthday this year and hence looking forward to own my very first Tag. I have gone through every page of your site at least a dozen times. My choice is the Tag Carrera range of watches and I like the Carrera Heritage watch most importantly due to the size compared to the Day Date model.

  • Himawan

    Perfecto! The 43 mm case size just make it perfect…

  • Mark

    I like them all! I am a confirmed fan of rose gold, so I don't think the black dial overdoes it. The anthracite dial looks like it might be the pick of the bunch though.

    Don't know why they increased the size though, 41mm was quite a sweet spot. And just when I thought the oversized watch trend was getting old, the Carreras creep back up again…

  • DC

    Thanks Pinto, don't look too closely at some of those old stories! They need some updating…

    Mark, I'm not convinced on Anthracite- and certainly not the Anthracite dial + Anthracite strap combo. I'll be very interested to see live photos of this one. I hope that it has the same depth as the 41mm, which would spread the weight a little better.


  • Monroe

    I think the rose/gold black is awesome looking!!!! Love the Arabic numerals too! Great addition! Love it! Great article as well!

  • DC

    Thanks Monroe

  • Benson

    Ive cancelled my order for the carrera heritage (white dial/rose gold, blue accents/brown strap) and shifted the deposit to the CAR2012.FC6291. The difference in price is about USD1400. Still haven't seen the actual watch or any live pics for that matter, so I've bought in blind and hoping for the best. The watch should arrive (Taiwan) in 3 weeks time, but in the meantime any chance of some live pictures, as i have a slight concern regarding case thickness. -great website btw.

  • Doug

    Hi DC,

    Do you know a reputable Canadian based online dealer who could get me one of these watches?


  • DC

    Hi Doug- e-mail sent.

    Stay tuned- I picked up three Carrera 1887 43mms last night for a review that will come in the next few weeks.


  • AM


    Have you heard anything about Tag producing the 43mm with silver numerals instead of the Rose Gold? This watch is exactly what I'm looking for except for the rose Gold. Such a shame.



  • DC

    Sorry AM- only Rose Gold at this stage.

    Check back later on today, as I'm finishing off a review of the 43mm Carreras.


  • AM

    Thanks DC

    One can only hope i guess. I will check back later today for your full review.