TAG Heuer Carrera Green Special Edition- In Depth Review (Ref. CBK221F)

Hot on the heels of the Monaco limited edition that we showed you back a couple of weeks ago, TAG Heuer has repeated the dose of green with a second LE of 500 watches, this time based on the Carrera “Glassbox”, our favourite Carrera case. But rather than simply re-use the same dégradé dial as the Monaco, the new Carrera gets a unique look, with a dial that is a blue-green, or “teal” colour. Despite this, TAG Heuer calls the watch the “Green Special Edition”, so that’s what we’ll go with too- Green it is.

TAG Heuer Carrera Ref. CBK221F.FC6479

And while the green Monaco uses the TAG Heuer logo, the newest Carrera carries the Heuer shield, consistent with all other seven Glassbox Carrera chronographs that we’ve seen over the last seven years. Also shared with the Green Monaco is the movement, TAG Heuer’s in-house Heuer 02 calibre, this time packed inside a heritage sized case.

We got our hands on the newest green-dial TAG Heuer- yes, another green dial watch- to bring you this detailed look at the latest heritage-themed Carrera.

What’s New?


The Carrera Glassbox case is a vintage-styled 39mm case launched in 2015, taking its name from the domed sapphire crystal that gives the watches using this case a 1960s look and feel. The 2021 Green Special Edition is the eighth time that we’ve seen a Glassbox chronograph, and we love all eight of these watches. Other than the very first TAG Heuer re-editions from 1996, the Glassbox series are the most true to the look and spirit of the original 1960s Carreras.

What sets the 2021 Glassbox apart from its siblings is the dial- a totally fresh look for the Carrera (there was no Green first-generation 1960s Carrera). It’s not the same green dial as offered on the Green-dial Formula 1, nor the green Aquaracer, nor the green-dial Monaco- it’s a unique dial for this watch only.



TAG Heuer officially refers to the dial as being “Teal Sunray”, a metallic effect dial that varies depending on the light. We’ve taken plenty of photos from different angles, and you can see how this variance- from a dark flat blue-green, through to a bright metallic green.

The inner flange is a matching green, with TAG Heuer resisting the temptation to use a white flange as used on the two blue sunray Glassbox watches.

The dial features three registers, with an azurage circular pattern and beige “aged” Super-LumiNova plots sitting behind the hour markers.

Overall, we prefer the green-to-black dial offered on the Monaco Green Limited Edition to the teal on this Carrera, but it’s still an attractive dial and a welcome change from silver, black or white dials that tend to get used on heritage editions.



The caseback is carried over from other Heuer 02 Glassbox models, and we’re pleased to see the “Heuer” shield on the mainplate- our 2018 Autavia Siffert was the first time a Heuer 02 watch carried the Heuer rather than TAG Heuer logo on the movement, a design change that TAG Heuer has now expanded across the heritage-themed Heuer 02-powered watches.

The other nice touch is the green text on the black rotor and matching green column wheel. Small changes, but the sort of detailed change that we like to see on LE watches to help make the model more unique and special. Speaking of special, TAG Heuer has branded this watch a “Special Edition”, rather than a “Limited Edition”- not sure what the difference is, but this Special Edition happens to be a limited edition of 500.

The Glassbox Chronograph Family

As we’ve covered, the Green Special Edition is the eighth TAG Heuer Carrera to use the Glassbox case, starting with three Calibre 18 models in 2015-2018, before switching to the Heuer 02 movement with 2018’s Fujiwara Carrera. The cases between the Calibre 18 “CAR” watches and the Heuer 02 “CBK” models are almost identical- just a touch thicker for the later watches to accommodate the Heuer 02 movement.

Look closely and you’ll notice that the otherwise sequential numbering skips the CBK211E, which perhaps hints that we may see another variant in the future.

In addition to the chronograph models, there is also a single 3-hand watch to use the 39mm Glassbox case- the Calibre 7 Gold Carrera shown below.

2015 Heuer Carrera Calibre 7- Ref. WAR2140

On the Wrist


We’ve talked about how the dial colour changes with the light, and here is your proof- these were taken outside on a cloudy day, and you can see how the dial colour appears both flatter (i.e. less metallic) and darker. It’s also worth noting that these on-the-wrist shots show the watch mounted on a calfskin strap from a different Carrera model, because we didn’t want to mark the original alligator strap you see in the other photos.

Price and Availability

2021 Heuer Carrera Green Special Edition Heuer 02

The 2021 TAG Heuer Carrera Green Special Edition goes on sale today (11 May 2021) from tagheuer.com and TAG Heuer boutiques, with 500 examples available.

Prices in key markets are as follows:

  • Switzerland: CHF6,500
  • Europe: €6,300
  • North America: US$6,650
  • Great Britain: £5,500
  • Hong Kong: HKD 53,550

The pricing is the same as the LE Green-dial TAG Heuer Monaco Heuer 02, a watch that we understand has sold very quickly. We’ve loved every one of the Glassbox Carreras due to their perfect size and simple uncluttered dials. The Green Carrera Special Edition may not be a true re-edition of a vintage model, but it looks right at home in the Glassbox family.

TAG Heuer Carrera Green Special Edition- Specifications

Model NameTAG Heuer Carrera Green Special Edition
Year of Launch2021
Production TypeLimited Edition of 500
Watch Reference NumberCBK221F
Strap Reference CodeFC6479
Case MaterialStainless Steel
Case Diameter39mm
Water Resistance100m
MovementCalibre Heuer 02

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