First Look: 2012 TAG Heuer Carrera Jack Heuer 80th Birthday

A few days ahead of its official launch at Baselworld 2012, we can show you some more photos of the 2012 TAG Heuer Carrera Jack Heuer 80th Birthday Carrera (Ref. CV2119). As the name suggests, the watch commemorates the 80th birthday this year of Jack Heuer, the man who among other notable achievements, launched the Carrera back in 1964 and was CEO of Heuer until its sale in 1982.

It’s appropriate that TAG Heuer chose the Carrera for this limited edition, as it’s not only the model most closely linked with Jack, but is also arguably the most enduring model in Heuer/ TAG Heuer history. Introduced in 1964, the Carrera was discontinued in the mid-1980s before being brought back in 1996. Today, it’s the best-selling model in TAG Heuer’s line-up.

Here is what Jack has to say about his watch.


The new Chronograph has a metallic Silver sun-burst pattern with applied hour-markers and simple silver hands, much like the original 2447S of the 1960s (see below).

The watch has a traditional 2-register “bi-compax” Chronograph lay-out, which is a welcome change from the ubiquitous Valjoux 7750/ Calibre 1887 design. The sub-dials are dark Grey and have the same radial pattern as the vintage Carreras.

Contrasting the Silver dial is the bright red “Heuer” logo (although the watch is not a re-edition of a historic model), the Red chronograph hand and the two red-tipped sub-dial hands. There is also a red “80” on the tachy scale- a nice touch.

Overall, the design is similar in concept to the 39mm 40th anniversary TAG Heuer Carrera Limited Edition launched back in 2004 (below).


The Jack Heuer Carrera uses the same 41mm case as the Carrera 1887/ 300 SLR, including the new-style pushers, which look great. The 41mm size is about right for these watches, although the case is deeper than older Carrera models.

While the diameter of the case is perfect, it is a thick case that some may find too large- depends on your tastes.

Movement- Calibre 17

The Jack Heuer Carrera is the first new watch in the last few years to use the Calibre 17 (ETA 2894-2) movement. Most of the re-edition Chronographs of the late 1990s/ early 2000s (Monaco, Carrera, Monza, Targa Florio) used the Calibre 17, including the 40th anniversary Jack Heuer Carrera. As regular readers will know, supply of ETA movements is restricted these days, but it’s the right movement for this watch given the bi-compax lay-out.

The watch has a solid-steel caseback with Jack Heuer’s signature and the family crest.

Strap and Bracelet

The black calf strap has a red soft rubber lining, similar to the 300 SLR and Monaco 24. The strap itself has a textured finish, similar to the Corfam straps used by Heuer in the 1970s.

The watch is also available on the standard bracelet (below), which had a nice combination of brushed and polished finishes.

TAG Heuer Jack Heuer 80- Price and Availability

The new Carrera is a Limited Edition of 3000 with an estimated price of CHF4500 in Switzerland.

The new watch looks fantastic- it has enough of the classic Carrera traits without being overtly retro- TAG Heuer have done a great job and no doubt this one will be a hot-seller.

The photos in this post come from our friends at Ace Jewelers, who are a great supporter of Calibre 11, so if you are in Europe and want to place an order for the new Carrera or any other model, click on the Ace Banner and make sure you tell the Ace team that you are a Calibre 11 reader to get the very best offers and service.

Live Photos

Hodinkee took some great photos of the Jack Heuer Carrera while at Baselworld- to see more photos from Hodinkee click here

To read our detailed review of the Jack Heuer Carrera 80 and see more than 30 live shots of the watch, click here.




– Carrera 2447s: OntheDash

– Carrera Jack Heuer 80: Ace Jewelers

– Live Photos:


  • Mark

    Worthy follow up to that CV2117 as far as I'm concerned.

    Will anyone take it on the bracelet? The strap is so much more distinctive.

  • PJS

    Agree with you completely Mark,from what I have been told out of the 3000 pieces being made more will be available on the strap rather than the bracelet. So TAG Heuer must agree with you too lol

    Personally I can't wait to receive mine and these fantastic threads / pictures from David are just making things worse lol

  • Vanilla Coffee

    Beautiful watch, classic look – thanks for this article.

  • DC

    Normally I reckon it makes sense to buy a watch on the bracelet- if only because buying one separately is a lot more than the strap. But I agree with you both- the strap gives the watch the real vintage look, while the bracelet makes the watch look more like a current Carrera.

    Hopefully the strap also has the same "quick-fit" system as the 40th Anniversary Monaco. I put that strap on my Monaco this morning in 10 seconds flat, no tools, no scratches. It's such a good set-up that they really should move all straps to the same system.


  • DB10

    Can't wait to see this in person.

    Popped into one of the TH boutiques in London today. They said it will be released between May and September, depending on the market.

    I asked to have a look at what else they were doing with the Carrera, and there is an interesting twist for the 1887. They only had grainy prints, nothing like the pictures Calibre 11 has provided for the JH80.

    Having said that, I've put my name down for one of their limited editions when they arrive. Retailing at GBP 3450 for those in the UK. I was told they are putting up prices (again), so not sure if that price will hold or just current indicative.

  • Nice timepiece, very stylish and great "classic" style. I like that black strap. Thanks for sharing.

  • Mattress Maniac

    I love that Jack Heuer's signature is on the back in red. That looks really good. The holes in the wrist bands are cool looking with the red tint. The little touches of red on the tips of the hands are a great addition. Can't wait to see this watch in person.

  • Gotta say that TAG are 'begining' to get back in the groove… seriously… Mr. Babin is doing a fine job… really begining to fancy one of the new Carreras, well after owning a shed load of the old ones that is… getting cooler and cooler….

    Fine Job all around and now my 'Go to place' about TAG



  • DC

    The touches of red do look good- one splash too many on the dial?

    I can't recall a new TAG Heuer in a long time that has been as well received.

    Thank Alistair- for those looking for vintage watches, or a friendly discussion forum, make sure you check out Alistair's site:

    Especially good for discussions on the Lemania 5100 watches.


  • DB10

    Hi David

    Better received than 300 SLR?

    Can backup your recommendation for ATG. Have a Poor Man's Carrera (Zodiac) on one of their racing straps – check them out.


  • DC

    Hi DB10, Yes, I think so. As you know, I love the 300 SLR but Orange and Brown is a harder sell than Silver and Red.

    My only reservation having looked at many photos now is something that Mark first mentioned- is there too much red detailing on the dial? I know that many people like the red tips on the second hand, but I'm starting to agree with Mark that it's one red-detail too many.

    What was it that Coco Chanel used to say? "Before you leave the house, look in the mirror and take one thing off". Same applies to watches I reckon- and it's the red tips that I would take off.

    Having said that, we're getting in nit-picking territory here- I still love the overall design and think it's a winner.


  • DB10

    Hi DC, funny you should say that as having read your own comments above I started to think the same thing.

    If there is a bit too much red it might be on the 12 to 6 axis. As the red chrono hand is kind of central (both literally and metaphorically) I might go with dropping the logo. I like the red splashes and also on the tachy. Some may like the logo in red, especially as it is Heuer rather than TH.

    The 300 SLR was a funny one. Seemed to have collectors very excited, certainly on this site, but you can still buy it even in boutiques.

    I don't see this one hanging around!

    • DC

      I guess we'll have to see it in the flesh to know for sure- I'm very much looking to getting my hands one one.

      Surprised that the 300 SLR is still in stores- I've never seen one in this part of the world- whenever I've gone into a store and asked, they've always been sold out.


  • shauno

    DC – I tried on a 300SLR at the Tag store in Sydney today – great looking watch, but the 41mm case is pretty big and it's just so damn thick!

    If this new one is the same case, I can't see myself wearing one – guess i'll have to stick to the 'old' Jack Heuer 39mm instead, and maybe buy another CS311x re-edition.

  • DC

    Hi Shauno,

    I've heard Jack Heuer describe this watch as being smaller than the Carrera 1887…not sure, as I'd heard that its the same case.

    Hope to get my hands on one soon and we can find out for sure


  • Wynonie

    I do take the point about the red highlights, and would normally agree that less is more – but it works for me on this watch. I have a white faced 1887 and I do love it on its black strap, but put it on a bracelet and it looks a bit washed out. The Jack Heuer 80th birthday watch arguably works much better on a bracelet than the more simple watches in the Carrera line. Of course, the red highlighted rally band is a must have, but I've ordered a spare bracelet to go with mine.

    What I like best about this watch though is how it so naturally fits in with every Carrera from 1964 onwards – (apart from the strangely named 'Heritage' line of course which for me shouldnt be a Carrera at all). This is every bit a modern Carrera but also perfectly evocative of the most enduring sports chronographs of the last fifty years.

    Keep up the great work DC.

  • Ian

    DC, or anyone else that might know. Does anyone know if they will make a 50th year anniversary Carrera in 2014? (considering 1964 was the original, and they did make a 40th) I would only assume so, but considering this 80th bday one this year, was not sure. I used to own the 40th anniversary carrera which i LOVED…but unfortunately left it in the seatback of an airplane and of course never got it back. OUCH.

  • DC

    Hi Ian,

    I don't know- but it wouldn't be like TAG Heuer to miss an anniversary like that, so I reckon that's a pretty safe bet.

    Back of an airplane? That does hurt. Someone got lucky.


  • MARC


    Latest info about the (Carrera 80 Ann) Availale in Shop on May/20/2012. Price arround 3750 euros Almost the 3000 piece Sold .