TAG Heuer Carrera Mikrograph Anthracite

TAG Heuer has released a second version of the successful Carrera Mikrograph, this time with an Anthracite dial and matching leather strap. Like the original chocolate-colored model, the Anthracite Carrera Mikrograph (Ref. CAR5041) continues the same classical styling that combines a Rose Gold Carrera case with a dial that evokes the layout of a Stopwatch.

To recap, at the heart of the watch is TAG Heuer’s revolutionary Mikrograph movement, which in an integrated in-house Chronograph movement capable of 1/100th second accuracy. What is unique about the movement is that it uses two assortments- one for the watch and a second for the Chronograph.

Carrera MikrographThe benefit of this is that the high energy consumed by the Chronograph doesn’t impact the power reserve of the watch. While the technology of the movement is high-tech, the design of the Carrera Mikrograph pays homage to the original Heuer Mikrograph stop-watch of 1916- it’s an attractive combination of the old and the new.

Limited Edition I: Brown

The arrival of the Mikrotimer Flying 1000 in March stole some of the limelight of the Carrera Mikrograph, but the two are very different in style. The first Limited Edition has a Cream dial with a chocolate-brown inner circle in a Rose Gold case. It’s a beautiful design- one of my favourite modern TAG Heuers: bold, highly functional and unlike any other watch in the TAG Heuer range. The first version was a Limited Edition of 150 and a retail price of CHF 50,000

Limited Edition II: Anthracite

The second model is also a Limited Edition of 150, with the only real change being that the brown inner-dial and leather strap are replaced by Anthracite (a slate grey).

Mikrograph AnthraciteThe new colour works very well on the dial, and has a great start-burst finish like the Carrera’s of the 1970s. I’m not as sure about the anthracite leather strap- I’d like to see the watch on a black crocodile strap to see which colour works better. While I think that TAG Heuer over use the Crocodile leather straps, they work perfectly with the Mikrograph- it’s the sports watches that I think look better on a Calf-leather strap.

Price and Availability

CAR5041.FC8178_TAG_HEUER_CARRERA_MIKROGRAPH_MOOD_PACKSHOT_2013Like the first version, the Anthracite Carrera Mikrograph will retail in Switzerland for CHF 50,000 and is available now.



    If I had the money for the rose-gold (and if I wanted to use SFr. 50.000,- on a watch)I would definitely prefer the brown over the anthracite. And I agree that the grey strap is wrong on a gold watch.

    Have a nice weekend

    Peter, Denmark

  • DC

    Hi Peter,

    Yes, I'd love a stainless steel version- maybe with the Calibre 36 movement…and a much reduced price. After TAG sold the Carrera 360 series they used several of those design elements on a mainstream Carrera, so there'd be a good chance that they'll do the same here.

    Reckon I'd also go for the brown version.



  • Mark

    Yes, I like the radial starburst dial but the brown dial and strap harmonises much better with the rose gold case.

    The anthracite one might have been better in a steel, white gold or low-polish platinum case – I think the strap would work then, it's the case that is the odd one out here for me. In fact, it might have been in keeping with the movement to be a bit experimental with the case material and gone for grey gold – gold alloyed with some of silver, manganese, copper, nickel and/or iron.

  • Jed

    I have admired this watch since it came out.The grey dial is beautiful, but would be even nicer if they used it in conjunction with a steel or titanium case. I think gold is a bit tacky on a tool watch and I am probably not the only one who wants my money to go into a spectacular movement, rather than overinflated precious metals that scratch easily. Hopefully this movement will trickle down to some less expensive watches.

    It is still amazing how far Tag Heuer has come since the days of their bland "6 features" years. The better the brand gets, the more valuable my 70's Heuers will be.

  • Annunci Orologi

    I like it very much! It's a dream!