Carrera Twin-Time 41mm- First Look

Next up in our look at the 2014 TAG Heuer Baselworld releases, we have a replacement for one of TAG Heuer’s longest-serving models- the Carrera Twin-Time, which offers a second time-zone function. The watch works simply by pulling out the crown to the “first position”, which is usually used to change the date. Move the crown anti-clockwise and the date changes, but turn it clockwise and the second “GMT” hand can be moved to a chosen time-zone.

The new model continues the development of the non-Chronograph models in the Carrera range, which we’ve discussed when looking at the Carrera Drive Time earlier this month.

WAR2011.BA0723 TAG HEUER CARRERA CALIBRE 7 TWIN TIME PACKSHOT 2014While the out-going model was launched way back in 2004, the Twin-Time name goes back a lot further…about 50 years earlier, in fact.

1950s Heuer Twin-Time

We’ve shown you the fantastic Heuer Twin-Time of the 1950s during our look at the history of Heuer. Shown here are two of the Twin-Time models offered, with the newer Twin-Time below helping inspire a new chronograph being developed by Jack Heuer in 1962: the Carrera.

The Twin-Time name disappeared during the 1960s and 70s, when Heuer referred to watches with these complications as “GMT” models, principally with the Autavia range.

2000 Heuer Carrera GMT

While there were a couple of GMT models offered by Heuer/ TAG Heuer in the 1980s and 1990s (such as the 1500-based TAG Heuer GMT), it wasn’t until the return of the Carrera in 1996 that we pick up the story of the Carrera GMT/ Twin-Time.

In 1996 TAG Heuer relaunched the iconic 36mm Carrera, with two designs based on the original 1963 Carrera. While these were only intended to be limited editions, the success of the Carrera re-edition inspired TAG Heuer to expand the Carrera model range, with a GMT model added in 2000 (above).

Unlike the Carrera re-edition chronographs, the “Heuer” Carrera GMT was in fact a new design with heritage theme, rather than being based on any vintage model originally sold by Heuer.

2004 Carrera Twin-Time

TAG Heuer revived the Twin-Time name in 2004 for a new GMT variant of the eighth generation Carrera. The Twin-Time had a 39mm stainless steel case and used the Calibre 7 movement (despite TAG Heuer calling the movement the “Calibre 17” in its 2004 Catalogue- below).

Somewhat confusingly, TAG Heuer has two Calibre 7 movements- the 3-hand watch chronometer-grade movement (ETA 2892-A1, which is also the base for the Calibre 17) and a GMT variant of the same movement (ETA 2893-A2).

The 2004 Carrera Twin-Time was offered in two variants- Silver dial (WV2116) and Black dial (WV2115). Apart from the different dial colour, the two models also had a different GMT hand- a Red triangle sitting at the end of the GMT hand on the Black dial model (Below), while the Silver dial has a Blue triangle.

The Carrera Twin-Time has remained a popular model in the Carrera range since its launch, and has sold over that period basically unchanged.

What’s Changed? 2004 vs. 2014

The new 2014 Twin-Time is a gentle evolution of the 2004 model, as the image above shows. The new watch uses a larger 41mm stainless steel case that picks up the current Carrera design cues, such as a thinner polished steel bezel and updated crown design. Those are the most obvious changes, but let’s step through the detail.

The bright-work is upgraded on the 2014 model, with newly designed hour-markers, an applied TAG Heuer logo and a metal window around the date.

The other key changes are a new GMT hand (Red on all models now) with an elongated point and additional text on the dial, with “Calibre 7” added above the model name.


Carrera Twin-Time 41mm Range

The 2014 TAG Heuer Carrera Twin Time range offers three models, each of which is available either on the leather straps shown above or a stainless steel bracelet.

Each of the watches is shown below.

Silver Dial- WAR2011

Black Dial- WAR2010

Anthracite Dial- WAR2012

 Price and Availability


The 2014 TAG Heuer Carrera Twin-Time Calibre 7 range is already making its way to Authorised Dealers, with prices around the CHF3,000 (Swiss Francs) level, with the usual country variations.

We’ll be at Basel in a few weeks and look forward to showing you the new Carrera Twin-Time up close and live.



  • Romina

    I used to have my tag heuer when I was in highschool given by my dad… best gift i’ve ever had 🙂 until now it’s still my favorite, but can’t afford to buy one 🙂

  • Tom

    Twin time looks nice. When do you think we will see the stainless steel Carrera 1969? Thx!

    • Hi Tom,

      Nothing official, but if what I'm hearing is right, then we'll see something at Basel…and it will be more than just a steel version of the Rose Gold launch model… 🙂


  • Eric

    I was looking for a GMT watch and the 2004 Twin Time caught my interest. Personally I think the new version is leaps and bounds better looking and well finished. The anthracite dial on bracelet version will definitely be my next watch. Any idea what is the retail price difference between the 2004 and 2014 version?

    • Leo

      I have been looking for a watch that goes with both formal and informal wear, and the 2004 model caught my eye as well. Today I stopped by a Tag Heuer boutique and saw the 2014 model, and I agree it looks far more interesting than its predecessor. Both the anthracite and silver dials look really nice, although the former is probably trendier and the latter classier. The combination of a wider case with a thinner bezel make the dial more prominent, without making it feel as bulky as other Carrera models with complications. Current price for the 2014 model in the US is $3,300. My guess is, if you can find it, you can probably buy the 2004 model at a Tag Heuer outlet in the US for around $2,500. Are the changes enough to justify the extra cost? That is a question I will have to answer myself…

      • Yes, not sure what price the 2004 models were- imagine that there are some deals to be done if dealers still have them in stock.

        I haven't seen the new models in person yet, but looking forward to checking them out soon


        • Leo

          Does anyone know what the base of the Calibre 7 in the 2014 models is? I understand the base in the 2004 model was either ETA 2892-A1 or ETA 2893-A2.

      • Eric

        Just realized that they posted the 2014 model retail price of USD 3,300 on their website. Thanks for highlighting that Leo. This is a USD 400 retail price increase over the 2004 model, which is reasonable considering it comes with the nicer Grand Carrera bracelet, slightly bigger case and the applied logo and window date frame.

  • Tom

    The only real noticeable improvement is the needless increase in diameter. So now the last of the Heuer Carrera line that retained any semblence of elegance and class has officially been transformed to a gawky show off piece that is all that Tag Heuer is now known for. Next up — fluorescent circles and see through windows with a 3D strap design that jingles every time the watch is moved. Congrats Tag.

  • Justus

    I really fell in love with the grey dial and the steel bracelet. However I promised myself my next watch to match my brand new black alligator strap fc6266. Now it's so difficult to decide if the grey dial would also look nice combined with a black strap. What do you guys think? Or is a black dial the best choice? Thanks for your opinion guys!