New F1 Lady Steel/ Ceramic

A first for Calibre 11- some news of a new model in the TAG Heuer ladies range.

Ahead of Basel TAG Heuer have released information about two new models in the F1 Lady series.- both of which have a ceramic finish and are reminiscent of the Chanel J12 series that has been so successful over the last few years.

The use of ceramic appears limited to the bracelet and around the bezel. While using ceramic “bricks” in the bracelet seems purely for styling, it does make sense to look at the use of new materials for watch bezels- just ask any owners of a vintage Heuer Autavia if they would like a bezel made from harder, more scratch-resistant material.

Omega has introduced what it calls “Liquidmetal” bezels on some versions of the Planet Ocean, and there is no reason we shouldn’t expect to see TAG Heuer use some of the styling elements and materials of the F1 Lady series on men’s watches.

The F1 Lady ceramic joins the Silverstone, the Carrera Calibre 1887 and the Pendulum movement as some of the new releases that will be shown at Baselworld 2010.

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Click below for more photos of the TAG Heuer F1 Lady ceramic.

  • RT19

    Looks very nice – perhaps even the best women's watch TH makes – except the bezel is a bit confusing. It looks like it should be a rotating bezel, given the knurling, but the radial flip on the numbers would be idiotic on a rotating bezel.

  • DC

    Agree- I don't follow the ladies range closely, but I like the black one and could easily see this working in a men's version. I guess the bezel is mainly ornamental.


  • Tin

    I like it, it would be great for my better half. She is getting into watches fast. I don't know is it a good thing though 🙂 Beside the above mentioned bezel issue, why are the 6 and 9 hour indexes a bit longer and intruding the inner circle? Never the less very nice and clean look. As I sad, I like it!

  • DC

    Not sure about the 6 and the 9- I guess its just a design choice

  • P

    I just received this watch for a Christmas gift. I love the style, sexy and simple. Masculine yet feminine. I have traditionally been a longines but with this new Tag Im hooked!

  • Jen

    I just got this watch today! i'm in love agree with P "Masculine yet feminine."

    I have the black, its so hot!

    <img src="; alt="" />

  • AD

    Can someone please help me here , Why do some of the F1 Ladies watches WAH1212.BA0859 have the wording "Tag Heuer Formula 1 " Written on the dial and some does not have it?I notice it on the Black dial versions.

  • DC

    Not sure AD- I've also seen both. Its not uncommon for small differences like this to appear..sometimes a design tweak is made during the model's life.