TAG Heuer Formula 1 GMT David Guetta Edition

French DJ David Guetta is the latest TAG Heuer ambassador to have his name linked to a special edition watch- the 2015 TAG Heuer Formula 1 David Guetta Edition. Perhaps linked to Guetta’s proclivity for nighttime entertainment and travel, the watch offers a second time zone, or GMT function through the Calibre 7 movement.

TAG Heuer Formula 1 GMT DAVID GUETTA WAZ201AThe watch is based on the Calibre 7 GMT version of the Formula 1 released last year, which debuted the Black/ Blue color scheme for TAG Heuer’s GMT variants.

The main differences between the standard GMT and the Guetta edition are:

  • Black titanium carbide-coated steel case
  • Revised hour-markers with blue inserts, including TAG Heuer logo at 12 o’clock
  • Blue-filled Hands
  • Black Calf-skin cuff strap

TAG Heuer Formula 1 GMT- Standard vs. GuettaThe most distinctive feature of the watch is the cuff, which replaces the traditional strap. It’s made from aged calfskin and is reminiscent of the Bund-style cuffs/ straps from the 1970s, albeit with a modern twist.

TAG Heuer Formula 1 GMT DAVID GUETTA WAZ201AHaving been slow to introduce alternative-style straps, TAG Heuer has brought out a range of good-looking NATO and Sailcloth straps at Baselworld 2015, with more styles to be shown throughout the year.

Pricing and Availability: TAG Heuer Formula 1 GMT David Guetta Edition- Reference WAZ201A

TAG Heuer Formula 1 GMT DAVID GUETTA WAZ201AThe TAG Heuer Formula 1 Guetta Edition will go on sale towards the end of this year, with an expected price of CHF2,300 in Switzerland.


  • No.

  • abrod

    The marketing meeting for this must have been awesome!
    “Just make it black and put it on one of those huge old military straps IT’S WHAT THE KIDS WANT THESE DAYS, OK? WE DESPERATELY NEED TO SELL STUFF TO MILLENNIALS”

    • JFL

      Up to this point (the Guetta, CR7 and Cara Whatever editions), I’m not even sure there was a marketing meeting… 😉

  • Remy

    It won’t get better.

    David Guetta and TH are not comparable.

    Simply awful marketing by mad man called JCB.

    Get your hands off asap, Biver

  • Greg

    I am not a fan of this pieces. It looks cheap. I addition I do not recognize the TAG spirit here. Where is the brand going !?!?!?

  • JO

    Is there really a need to review such a watch here? This is DJ-ing meets Formula 1?? I think there is another one not featured on this website (yet) – Jeremy Lin limited edition Aquaracer where basketball meets diving. I have no comments.

    • calibre11

      Every new release gets shown here Jo!

  • JO

    I really love some of the watches produced by this brand – Heuer, Carrera, Monaco and Grand Carrera but…….. (speechless)……….