First Look: MikroPendulumS Tourbillon Concept

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TAG Heuer has produced it’s most ambitious haute horlogerie watch to mark the final Concept watch to be launched under the stewardship of CEO Jean Christophe Babin- the Carrera MikroPendulumS Tourbillon (Ref.CAR2B81).

The watch takes the already advanced MikrotourbillonS of 2012 and pushes the envelope a step further by replacing the hairsprings in each tourbillon barrel with a Pendulum oscillator.

First Look: Mikropendulums Tourbillon ConceptThe MikroPendulumS (of course, not to be confused with the MikroPendulum) is a double tourbillon capable of 1/ 100th second accuracy contained in a Bullhead case reminiscent of the Mikrogirder 10,000.

The watch is a final statement from TAG Heuer on its watch-building credentials. The brand that 13 years ago didn’t know how to build a basic Chronograph, has now not only mastered the most complex of watch movements (the tourbillon), but added a radical regulating system that most of the industry thought was impossible- the magnetic oscillating system of the Pendulum.


First Look: Mikropendulums Tourbillon ConceptThe new MikroPendulumS is another development of the Bullhead case first seen on the Mikrogirder of 2012. The case has a 45mm diameter and is made from Chrome- Cobalt in a variety of sandblasted, brushed and polished finishes.

The only part of the case not made from chrome cobalt are the two pushers, which are titanium/ Note that the design of the pushers (below) has changed from the design we’ve seen on other Bullhead models.

First Look: Mikropendulums Tourbillon ConceptThe sapphire caseback shows off the movement and rotor.

First Look: Mikropendulums Tourbillon ConceptThe side of the case features the same “girder” style as seen on the Mikrogirder 10000, albeit in a different pattern.

Evolution front black 04


front fine black 20The dial of the new watch is made up of two parts. The top two-thirds of the dial is relatively straight forward- a brushed Anthracite dial with  three sub-dials:

  • 12 o’clock: Chronograph minutes
  • 3 o’clock: Chronograph seconds
  • 9 o’clock: Chronograph power reserve

A Silver/ White inner bezel provides the scale to read the 1/ 100th second fractions.

It’s the bottom one-third of the dial where things get interesting:

First Look: Mikropendulums Tourbillon ConceptThere are two “tourbillon pendulums” on display, each framed by a Rose Gold bridge. The dial of drops away to reveal the inner workings of the watch.


First Look: Mikropendulums Tourbillon ConceptThe MikroPendulum is made up of 454 components and is built on the Mikro platform- the sixth Calibre to be built on that architecture:

  • Mikrograph: 1/ 100th second- traditional hairspring
  • Mikrotimer: 1/ 1,000th second- traditional hairspring
  • Mikrogirder: 5/ 10,000th second- Vibrating micro-blade regulating mechanism
  • MikrotourbillonS: 1/ 100th second- double Tourbillon
  • MikroPendulum: 1/ 100th second- traditional hairspring/ Pendulum
  • MikroPendulumS: 1/ 100th second- Double Tourbillon Pendulum

First Look: Mikropendulums Tourbillon ConceptAbove you see the two tourbillon Pendulums- the watch on the left and the chronograph on the right. Note that lack of hairspring inside the balance wheels.

First Look: Mikropendulums Tourbillon Concept

Above you see the two  Tourbillon Pendulums placed inside the watch. The specs on each is as follows:

  • Watch: 86,400 b.p.h (12 hz.); rotates three times every minute; power reserve 24 hours
  • Chronograph: 360,000 b.p.h (50 hz.); rotates twelve times every minute; power reserve 60 minutes

First Look: Mikropendulums Tourbillon ConceptHmmm, the watch frequency looks odd, right? Most watches vibrate at only 28,000 bph, so why such a high-frequency movement? The reason is that the challenge in commercialising the Pendulum oscillator has been to get the movement to work consistently at a variety of temperatures. In testing, TAG Heuer discovered that consistency could be achieved, but only at high frequencies- more than 10hz. So for that reason, we have a watch movement beating at 86,400 b.p.h- an unusual one.

Concept Only?

side cad black 15So, is the MikroPendulumS only a Concept, or will it make it into production, like the Carrera MikroPendulum (below)? Given that the technology is already deemed reliable enough for production, and given that TAG Heuer are already making the MikrotourbillonS, it’s hard to see why we won’t see a production version some time in the next 12 months.

First Look: Mikropendulums Tourbillon Concept

Live Photos

098Paul Boutros, a Senior Moderator over at took these great shots and kindly agreed to share them with us- thanks Paul!





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