TAG Heuer Monaco Twenty-Four- Black Dial

For many people, the TAG Heuer Monaco is a slice of nostalgia. A bright blue tribute to Steve McQueen and motor racing the 1970s. But there is another side to the series- the next generation Monaco represented by the Monaco V4 and the Monaco Twenty-Four. Since the first Calibre 36 Monaco in 2010, the introduction of a new design has become an annual event, and here is the latest model- the 2013 TAG Heuer Monaco Twenty Four Calibre 36 Black.

While the Monaco 24 series has to date come in an array of stripes and colourful finishes, the 2013 is a study in Black and Silver monochrome- and all the better for it.

2013 Monaco Twenty-Four Calibre 36 Black Dial- CAL5113

The key design feature of the Monaco Twenty Four chronograph is the floating dial and movement, which are suspended in the case and held in place by four “shock absorbers”. Despite the design being four years old, it’s still one of the most distinctive watches on the market today…instantly a Monaco, but certainly not something from the past.

Like the other models, the 2013 Monaco has a stainless steel case dominated by a large sapphire crystal that warps around the sides of the case. The case diameter of 40.5mm may not seem that daunting (the Calibre 12 Monaco has a diameter of 39mm), but it’s the depth of the case that prospective buyers should be aware of- as seen below. The leather strap is re-enforced where it joins the lugs, ensuring that the watch doesn’t feel too top-heavy.

The live photos you see here were taken by Senior Timezone.com Moderator Paul Boutros at Basel 2013, and we thank Paul for the permission to share these with you.

Movement- Calibre 36

As regular readers will know, the Calibre 36 is TAG Heuer’s premium production movement (ignoring the haute horlogerie Mikro series and Calibre V4).

The Calibre 36 is an El Primero 400 calibre supplied by Zenith, TAG Heuer’s sister company. Zenith and TAG Heuer merged their back-office functions a couple of years ago to form LVMH Swiss Manufactures SA,but retain totally independent Sales, Marketing, R&D and Product development teams.

Price and Availability

The 2013 TAG Heuer Monaco Twenty-Four Calibre 36 goes on sale in September, alongside the Blue McQueen model, which is now part of the regular TAG Heuer range.

The Swiss price for the watch is around CHF12,600 (same price as the Blue Monaco 24), compared to around CHF7,300 for the limited edition Black Monaco ACM Calibre 12.

On the Wrist


Monaco Twenty-Four Black

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A Look at the Monaco Twenty-Four Series

The 2013 model joins the other four Monaco 24 models- three production watches and the initial Concept chronograph.

2009 Monaco Twenty-Four Concept

First launched as a Concept watch at Baselworld 2009, the Monaco 24 Gulf was inspired by the design of the Monaco V4, but with a conventional movement. Apart from the “TAG Heuer” engraving on the front of the case and the Black screws on the side of the case, the design of the 2009 Concept made it to a production model one year later.

2010 Monaco Gulf Twenty-Four Calibre 36- CAL5110

In the mid 2000s TAG Heuer launched a series of Gulf-inspired Monaco models, of which the Twenty-Four was the pinnacle. The case had a polished titanium carbide coating and Orange shock absorbers that matches the Orange stripe and detailing on the dial.

At the back of the watch is perhaps the largest Sapphire caseback you’ll see on any watch- but when it looks this good, you may as well show it off.

2011 Monaco Twenty-Four Racing Calibre 36- CAL5112

The 2011 model kept the Orange highlights, but in a polished stainless steel finish for the first time. Out went the Black dial and Gulf stripes, replaced by an Anthracite dial with Silver sub-dials.

2012 Monaco Twenty-Four Steve McQueen Calibre 36- CAL5111

Initially planned as a 2011 model, the Blue Steve McQueen Monaco 24 was held back a year and eventually released in 2012. For me, the Blue 24 is the least convincing of the series, due to the patchwork of Blue and Silver finishes- a patch of blue here, and silver stripe there A simple Blue dial with White or Silver  sub-dials would have been a simpler color combination and one that was truer to the design of McQueen’s original.

The McQueen Monaco 24 is finished with a Blue Alligator strap and Blue shock absorbers replacing the metallic Orange of the previous series.