TAG Heuer Monaco Black Dial Heuer 02- In Depth Review (Ref. CBL2113)

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Over the last 12 months, the permanent TAG Heuer men’s Monaco collection has consisted of two watches, both with a blue dial- the light blue Calibre 11 CAW211P and the dark blue Heuer 02 Monaco, reference CBL2111. Highly satisfying if you’re into blue dials, but less attractive for those looking for a replacement for the black dial Monaco Calibre 12 that was part of the range for a decade. TAG Heuer has responded to this gap in the range by unveiling a second Monaco Heuer 02 dial choice, with this watch, the black dial Monaco, reference CBL2113.

Monaco Heuer 02 Reference CBL2113.BA0644

In addition to a second dial colour, TAG Heuer has also introduced a new bracelet, the first bracelet option for the Monaco in more than a decade and- in good news for collectors- one that fits older Monaco cases as well as the new Heuer 02 chronographs.

Model History

1997 Heuer Monaco CS2110 Calibre 17

The black-dial Monaco has been the mainstay of the Monaco collection since its relaunch, but those models were traditionally black dials with black registers and white or steel hands. The black-with-red colour scheme first appeared in 2009 with the Monaco Racing model. Know by collectors as the “Black McQueen”, the Monaco Racing was one of two Calibre 12 black dial Monaco Chronographs.

As you can see below, the new Monaco Heuer 02 is a direct descendent of the Monaco Racing, albeit with a three-register layout and the updated dial design.

2009 TAG Heuer Monaco Racing Calibre 12/ 2020 TAG Heuer Monaco Racing Heuer 02



The star of the show is the new dial- out goes the “sunray” blue dial of the McQueen Monaco, and in comes a sunray black dial. While the colour appears to be a flat back in these shots, it veers towards a deep graphite in natural light thanks to the metallic finish.

The dial continues with the three register layout of the new Heuer 02 collection, with running seconds at 6 o’clock with the crosshair pattern rather than a full white register.



The three -piece case is identical to the Blue and Limited Edition Monaco Historique models that we’ve reviewed recently. That means a 39mm stainless steel case that may be a little thicker than previous Monaco Chronographs, but still looks great from every angle.



Likewise, there are no changes at the rear of the watch, which sports a circular sapphire window, showing off the Heuer 02 movement. The shape mimics the original vintage Monaco, which featured a prominent circular section in the centre of the caseback, albeit without a sapphire crystal.

TAG Heuer Monaco CBL2113.FC6177- Alligator Leather Strap


The first option for the new Monaco is a new black alligator leather strap, which is teamed with a folding clasp. This is the “traditional” Monaco look, albeit a more formal look than the sporty calfskin straps that have been employed over the last few years.

On the Wrist

The watch looks great on the wrist and offers a more subtle colour combination that the bright blue McQueen.

TAG Heuer Monaco CBL2113.BA0644- Stainless Steel Bracelet


The second option is the brand new bracelet- reference BA0644 and for may collectors, the new bracelet will be as exciting an arrival as the watch itself.

The New Bracelet


The first modern Monaco bracelet was launched in 2004, some seven years after the first Monaco re-edition. The design was a modern interpretation of the original 1969 Monaco bracelet, which was made by Novavit S.A. (known as NSA).

Later models of the Heuer Monaco used a simpler, more “toned-down” bracelet, which is the inspiration for the new design, but without the tapering.

Heuer Monaco 1133B- second generation bracelet

The bracelet features polished centre links and polished outer-edges and a butterfly clasp that carries the TAG Heuer logo. And the best news? It does fit older Monaco cases, such as the 38mm Monaco 40th Anniversary that you see below.

The bracelet is a US$400 premium on top of the leather strap.


On the Wrist


The new bracelet is more subtle than the previous offering, but still suits the Monaco very well. We’ve been using the bracelet on a Monaco daily for the last few weeks, and love the way that it looks and feels.

The only point worth noting is that the end links don’t line up with the case perfectly, leaving a small gap between the bracelet and the lip of the case. It doesn’t look wrong or ill-fitting, but is less lined-up than it could have been with a flush fit.

Meet the Family


Here are the two permanent Heuer 02 Monacos together- the new black dial CBL2113 and the blue dial CBL2111.



As big fans of the Monaco, any new model is cause for celebration and it’s refreshing to be talking about a new permanent part of the new collection rather than a low volume limited edition. Black? Blue? Both? It’s great to have the choice. We reckon the perfect modern Monaco combination could be the blue-dial Calibre 11 with a black-dial Heuer 02- the best of both worlds.

The new “Black McQueen” is of course a small twist on the look of the original blue McQueen- perhaps a little more formal and less sporty than the blue dial original, but that’s to the extent that any Monaco can be called subtle.

The bracelet is great news, for Monaco collectors new and old. It looks great on the new black-dial Monaco, and will look just as good on other Monaco models, offering a great chance to update your favourite watch with a new strap.

The TAG Heuer Monaco Heuer 02 Black dial is priced at US$6,350 on the leather strap, and US$6,750 on the bracelet.

TAG Heuer Monaco Black Dial Heuer 02 Specifications

Model NameTAG Heuer Monaco Black Dial Heuer 02 Chronograph
Year of Launch2020
Production TypeStandard Production
Watch Reference NumberCBL2113
Strap Reference CodeBA0644 (bracelet)
FC6177 (black leather strap)
Case MaterialStainless Steel
Case Diameter39mm x 39mm
Water Resistance100m
MovementCalibre Heuer 02

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