Ultimate Guide to the TAG Heuer Monaco

The Heuer Monaco disappeared from the catalogues around 1975 having been only a modest success due to its unusual shape. TAG Heuer hadn’t shown a lot of interest in the heritage of the Heuer collection until the late 1990’s when it decided to press ahead with a “Re-edition” collection made up of the Carrera and the Monaco. These were a success and were followed by others in the classic range including new models that looked like they might be old Heuer’s but weren’t (Carrera GMT and Monza).

Following the takeover by LVMH, TAG continued with the Classic series, but decided to drop the “Heuer” only branding and revert to TAG Heuer. The Autavia and Targa Florio (again, not truly a re-edition) followed.

Today, The Carrera and Monaco are a key part of the TAG Heuer model range and the company has embraced rather than rejected its heritage, with the Monaco and Carrera names being used on the new technology developed (V4 Monaco, Carrera Calibre 360).

There is often confusion around the black Monaco’s- and what is a re-edition and what is not.

Series 1: Heuer Monaco CS2110

The first of the re-editions has a flat black face and two dial register- model CS2110 and was a limited edition of 5000. To my mind, these are the most valuable and rare of the re-edition Monaco’s.

Series 2: Heuer Monaco CS2111

This was followed by CS2111, which had an entirely new sculptured dial design and also the Heuer only branding.

Series 3: TAG Heuer Monaco CW2XXX

This design proved to be a success and so TAG Heuer added the model to the permanent range, changing the model to CW2111 and adding “TAG Heuer” to the dial. This was also the time that a blue dialed “Steve McQueen” model was added. TAG Heuer did not release a blue Monaco re-edition with only “Heuer” on the dial until this year’s 40th anniversary model.

Series 4: 2009 Calibre 12 Monaco

TAG Heuer Monaco Calibre 12Finally, we have the 2009 model, the TAG Heuer Monaco Calibre 12, which goes back to the two-register layout and cleaner face of the CS2110. The new model has a slightly larger case and for the first time, sapphire crystal rather than plexiglass.


The re-edition series marked a change in strategy for TAG Heuer that continues to be seen today- combing the heritage of Heuer with the technology of TAG Heuer- and finally giving the Heuer fans a new watch to buy  for  the first time since 1985.



  • Richardc

    I wonder how many vintage Monacos were made or sold in the 70s? That would be an interesting stat – anyone know?

    Agree about the cs2110 although they rarely sell for more than £1400/1500. A future appreciator perhaps…

  • admin

    Hi Richard- not sure on Heuer production numbers. We asked Jack Heuer in Switzerland last year, but he wasn't sure and unfortunately the serial numbers don't really help.

    Agree that the CS2110 has not yet shown any premium to the standard Monaco.


  • john

    its nice to know the monaco model is speciaal , i own nr 23 of the 120 1999 grand prix monaco model ,i bouht it at a local tag heuer dealer here in maastricht ,holland 10 jears ago . who

    o can tell me more about" ferres" the maker ,desinger of this model .

    sorry for my english writhing ,its not my best .

    greatings john

  • DC

    Hi John- no need to apologise…your English is much better than my Dutch 🙂

    I think that you are referring to the GP Monaco mentioned here:

    A very rare Monaco indeed.

    In that same post I show another LE Monaco, this time made for Ferret…I think this is the one you mean? Ferret is a high-end watch boutique in France- see their website



  • Curtis Cundy

    I have the first two Monaco limited Editions in your picture in the above article. The first (the CS2111)was bought from a watch vendor at the FIA GT at the Laguna Seca circuit (nice bit of race history). While I like both of the black faced limited edition Monaco's I find myself more drawn to my Tah heuer Blue Steve McQeen Monaco something about the blue dial and white sub-dials that pops a bit more!!

  • DC

    Hi Curtis,

    Yes, the Blue is more iconic- but some days I think that of the TAG Heuer Monaco series, I prefer the original re-edition (CS2110)


  • Bill


    I was curious about the CS 2110 and whether or not the glass was sapphire or plastic? I know many of the current new models and re-issues are sapphire but wasn't sure if the CS 2110 in 1997 came with plastic or sapphire?



    • DC

      Hi Bill. All Monaco chronographs from 1997-2009 are plexi. The new Calibre 12 series has a larger case and sapphire crystal.





    C 2111 AND N 4399

    DOES THIS TO FALL IN LINE AS A 1 0F 5000 No 4399?






  • DC


    Hard to tell without photos, but what you say makes sense- CS2111 was the second of the re-editions and was an LE of 5,000.

    It had Heuer only on the dial and crown, so it sounds genuine…but impossible to tell without a photo.


  • Ernest


    Thanks for the rich information. I did not know I had a limited edition watch! Mine is a Cs2111, n.1691, black dial, light brown leather wristband. I bought it at Harrod´s, in London, around 2000. Paid a pretty high price for it at the time( something around GBP2300 ). Do you have any idea about it´s current value in the market? Thanks again!


  • DC

    Hi Ernest,

    I had a CS2110 on the tan strap- its a nice colour combination. Very hard to give youa good view on value, as it will come down to condition, whether you have the box + papers, etc.

    Take a look on eBay- there are usually a couple on offer. I don't see a big premium for the CS2111 relative to the CW2111.


  • Sam


    I have a CS2111 second re-edition but I'm not sure if its limited to 5000 or not as mine had no 8772 inscribed on it.



    • DC

      Hi Sam, Yes, CS2111 is a Limited Edition of 5000. The standard production watch is CW2111.

      I wonder if that is your serial number?


  • Lou Auricchio

    David, I have A CS2111 FC8119 I want to trade it for a blue face, What I read above it is a limited edition. I bought it in 2001. Am I making a mistake giving up this watch.

  • cfw

    Again a great articale David 🙂 my Heuer Monaco is a CS2111 and undermeath is say no. 10515, now I know the watch is authentic I had it valuated at the importers of TAG here, a company called Picot and Moss but if the watch is limeted to 5000 why is my no the over 10000?

  • DC

    Hi cfw- I wonder if that is the serial number rather than the "LE" number?


  • awini ambuj shanker

    i bought a cs2111 with black strap on holiday in geneva in the summer of 2001, the watch i got was number 500something, but the watch stopped working within a day, which was great because we were supposed to fly out the next day. when we returned to the agents Bucherer that evening they promptly replaced the watch, and i got no.201 this time, which hasnt missed a beat since. plus they threw in a spare set of brown straps free, which are still unused. i didnt realise its a LE watch because it doesnt say anything on the case, i just thought its simply an early watch.

  • brad

    hi, first of all, i'd like to say that you've got the best Heuer reference website ever.

    my question is, what are the movements on these? CS2111?

    thank you.


  • DC

    Hi Brad,

    Thanks for the kind words- appreciated.

    The movement is a Calibre 17, which is an ETA 2894-2. Its one of the newer ETA Calibres, coming to market in the mid-1990s.



  • Philmo

    Hi DC

    A lovely line up!

    Just to clarify does the confirmation of the CS2111 movement as Calibre 17, apply also to the CS2110?



  • DC

    Hi Phil,

    Yes, same movement- ETA 2894-2 comes in both 2 register and 3 register (2 reg deletes the 12-hour counter)(


  • Sergio

    Hi DC

    I bought an amazing, preowned, CS2110 on the tan strap in Milan in 2008, LE 1342/5000: €2000.

    It was love at the first sight!




    What does it mean "LE" ? I'm sur I have an authentic model black monaco CS2111 but i don't find the meaning of "LE"
    Perhaps something like "LS"…
    If somebody can help me, take you in advance.

  • Jason Danziger

    If I am looking for a re-edition with the blue dial but with the Heuer (not Tag Heuer) logo, which model should I be looking for?


  • Hi Jason,

    There is one Blue dial model with the Heuer logo- Ref CAW211A

    These are limited to 1000 and so are not cheap- but they have a lovely dial


  • Wesley

    Hello there,

    what a great site. Anyone got any idea what kind of winder I should get for the CS111 ?

  • Thanks Wesley. Have to say that I've never used a winder, so can't help. Maybe someone else can?


  • Pete

    Hi there,

    Any idea what the -0 at the end of the cw models is in reference to?
    Just I have seen some called and stamped as cw2111 and some as cw2111-0. Just wondering if there is an difference?


  • Hi Pete,

    It signifies a change that was made to the case (only the position of the lug-holes I believe) around 2003 to allow a bracelet to be fitted.


  • SingPor

    I have always been confused by the claim that the CS2111 was a limited edition (5000). I can find no reference to this model being a LE, it certainly isn’t stamped on the watch as such, in contrast to the CS2110, which clearly is. Even the Tag Heuer Catalogue of the re-edition period refers to the CS2111 being a ‘numbered series’ rather then a LE. This makes sense and is backed up by the 5 digit numbering system adopted on the back of the watch, showing that there were indeed more than 5000 examples produced. However, it is a re-edition example (and a very nice one at that, giving its place in history) and was replaced by the CW2111 when it became an integral part of the TH range. Does anyone else have view on this?

    • calibre11

      You raise a really good point about these watches and also the re-edition Carrera. What we know is that there are two versions of both watches. The CS2111 Monaco for example has two different case-bacls- one the same as the first CS2110 (with a circle) and the second without (similar to CW2111).

      There are also at least two different case-backs for the CS3110 Carrera.

      What I believe happened is that at first these were a limited edition, but as they became popular, TAG Heuer decided to roll out more watches (shame for those who bought the LE), which explains the different casebacks.

      I am missing the 1998 Catalogue to confirm this. Either way, I agree with you that its not as clear cut as with the earlier Monaco.


      • Gary Elsworth

        Yeh I was rather confused, but I’ve seen an early CS2111 (1999) which came with LE documents. Unfortunately it showed the CS2110 on the booklet covers which made me rather sceptical about it, but maybe thats how the early ones came?

  • Angie

    Would you happen to know where can we spot the serial number on a CS2110? We have the serial number stated on the warranty card but we can’t seem to find the numbers anywhere on the watch except that we know that it’s 200/5000

  • vricardo

    Hi, I’ve been probing the online market for a Monaco re edition (Series 2, ref CS2111) and I’ve consistly seen some watches with the “solid” 12 o’clock index (like the Series 3 CW2111, WW2110 and WW2112), instead of the “double” or “split” 12 o’clock index of the first ones.

    Is there any explanation of this?

    One of the “solid” index ref CS2111 “Heuer Monaco” I’ve seen in hand, even
    had the original warranty card with the official reseller stamp (that I
    know exists because I’ve been there personaly often for years) with the correct
    serial number, so I personaly don’t believe it to be a fake.

    Any input would be much appreciated.

    Please excuse me if this subject was already addressed and replied before. If so, please tell me where.

    Also, if you think this as a sensitive subject to be discussed in public, please feel free to send me an email.

    I just would like to see this clarified. It’s eating me!!!

    Thank you very much.


    • Hi- I think both are correct…have seen both on CS2111 and CW2111

      • vricardo

        Thank you!

  • Tony Gallagher

    I own a CS2111 Fc8120 purchased new in Dubai in 2000. How does it differ from a Fc8119?

    • FC8120 is a tan strap, while FC8119 is a black strap. Watch is exactly the same

  • DiNo

    Hi there,
    luckily i got myself a Monaco CW2113-0 TG 8261 🙂
    No i wonder from which year this one is? Would you know how to find out the production year or series?

    • Hi- no, not really. The best we can say is that the model was introduced in 2003 and then replaced by the Calibre 12 in 2009.


  • reuben tan

    I just bought a pre-owned Monaco CS2111 HE9046 and was wondering if its legit because the “BY TAG HEUER” at the back of the case is written instead as “By TAG Heuer”.

  • Marco Marini

    Hello, I’m thinking of selling my Monaco CS2111 Serial number 07928. Any idea what it’s worth and the best online channel to sell it (eBay, etc)? Thank you! https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/9be841896ad7e7787009f2585a15d513f6162659fb039db4c218465ed80d2a76.jpg https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/46c1ca72e9d2b6d210d2208b48bbe554e80b3969e265ef253a78deb8cedfc265.jpg

  • disqus_JfJUzARefi

    Terrible watch. Beautiful but never tells accurate time. I bought 2 tags each for $5000 and neither of them keeps time even after spending another $2000 on repairs. Save your money, buy a better watch that can tell time.

  • Val Goodwin
    • Looks OK..a little rough maybe, but appears genuine