TAG Heuer Monaco- The Ultimate Collector’s Guide

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The Heuer Monaco disappeared from the catalogues around 1975 having been only a modest success due to its unusual shape. TAG Heuer hadn’t shown a lot of interest in the heritage of the Heuer collection until the late 1990’s when it decided to press ahead with a “Re-edition” collection made up of the Carrera and the Monaco. These were a success and were followed by others in the classic range including new models that looked like they might be old Heuer’s but weren’t (Carrera GMT and Monza).

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Following the takeover by LVMH, TAG continued with the Classic series, but decided to drop the “Heuer” only branding and revert to TAG Heuer. The Autavia and Targa Florio (again, not truly a re-edition) followed.

Today in 2020, The Carrera and Monaco and Autavia are a key part of the TAG Heuer model range and the company has embraced rather than rejected its heritage, with the Monaco and Carrera names being used on the new technology developed (V4 Monaco, Carrera Calibre 360).

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Generation 1: Heuer Monaco CS2110- 1997

Ultimate Guide To The Tag Heuer Monaco
Image courtesy of TAG Heuer

The first of the re-editions has a flat black face and two dial register- model CS2110 and was a limited edition of 5000. To my mind, these are the most valuable and rare of the re-edition Monaco’s.

Generation 2: Heuer Monaco CS2111- 1998

Image courtesy of TAG Heuer

This was followed by CS2111, which had an entirely new sculptured dial design and also the Heuer only branding.

Generation 3: TAG Heuer Monaco CW2XXX- 1999-2009

This design proved to be a success and so TAG Heuer added the model to the permanent range, changing the model to CW2111 and adding “TAG Heuer” to the dial.

This was also the time that a blue dialed “Steve McQueen” model was added. TAG Heuer did not release a blue Monaco re-edition with only “Heuer” on the dial until the 2009 40th anniversary model. The Steve McQueen blue-dial Calibre 17 featured a flat-dial design with the famous blue and white colour scheme.

Generation 4: Monaco Calibre 11 and 12- 2009- Current

Image courtesy of TAG Heuer

The Monaco received a significant update in 2009 to mark the 40th Anniversary of the series. Powered by a Calibre 12 movement, the 2009 TAG Heuer Monaco went back to the two-register layout and cleaner face of the CS2110. The new model has a slightly larger case (39mm vs. 38mm) and for the first time, sapphire crystal rather than plexiglass.

The Calibre 12 series offered several different coloured dial options, including the Blue/ White “McQueen” shown above, a black-dial model and, in 2019, the Calibre 12 Final Edition to mark the end of the series.

In addition to the Calibre 12 models, 2009 also saw the launch of the first Calibre 11 Monaco since the 1970s- the 40th Anniversary Monaco. This special edition Monaco retained the 38mm case of the previous series, but added a sapphire crystal, and is the only Monaco with the 38mm/ sapphire combination.

The Calibre 11 Monaco was brought back to prominence in 2015 when the CAW211P was launched, a model heavily based on the 2009 CAW211A. Since then there have been several limited edition Monaco Calibre 11 watches, most notably the 5-watch limited edition series in 2019 to commemorate the 50th Anniversary of the Monaco.

Monaco 50th Anniversary Collection- 2019

While the Calibre 12 has been discontinued, the Calibre 11 model, with its crown on the left hand side, continues into 2020 and beyond.

Generation 5: Avant Garde Monaco- 2009-2015

TAG Heuer Monaco 24 Silver Dial/ Orange Ref. CAL5112
Image courtesy of TAG Heuer

In addition to the revised Calibre 11/ 12 series, 2009 also saw the launch of the Monaco Twenty-Four, a futuristic take on the Monaco with its bold sculpted case and wrap-around sapphire crystal. The magic of the Monaco Twenty-Four was the dial and Calibre 36 movement (Zenith’s El Primero) that sat suspended inside the case, held in by four shock-absorbers.

In addition to the Monaco Twenty Four, there were also two Calibre 12 watches that used a similar case- The Monaco Calibre LS and the Monaco Calibre 12 Boutique edition.

Generation 6: Monaco Heuer 02- 2019-Current

Image courtesy of TAG Heuer

In 2019 the next generation mainstream Monaco was launched to replace the long-serving Calibre 12 series. Now powered by TAG Heuer’s in-house Heuer 02 movement, the new Monaco (only available in blue for the moment, but with other dial colours to follow) is slightly larger than its predecessor and now features a three-register layout on the dial, with the sweeping seconds hands a 6 o’clock having the same crosshair design as found on the 1997 re-edition.

The Monaco continues to be a key part of the TAG Heuer collection, more than 45 years after the original series was discontinued. In fact, while the original was part of Heuer’s collection for only six years, the re-edition has been in the TAG Heuer range for 23 years at the time of writing…a sure sign of a modern classic.

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