First Look: TAG Heuer Monaco V4 Titanium

Last week I posted a review of the TAG Heuer Monaco V4 series– The Platinum watch from 2009 and the “New Generation” Rose Gold model announced last year. Now there is a third member of the family: The Monaco V4 Titanium.

The watch is a Chemistry student’s dream, combining Ruthenium, Ceramic and Titanium. The Ceramic is not visible in these shots, but runs along the side of the watch to help break up the mass of the case, while the Ruthenium is the black coating on the ridged “dial” of the watch, which has a fantastic texture. The watch makes liberal use of Titanium (Grade T-5), not only for the case itself, but also for the hour markers, the hands (including the small second hand at 4 o’clock), the crown and the folding buckle.

The overall look is much more subdued than either the original version or the Gold model- think of the Titanium model as the Stealth version of the watch.

New Generation

As you can see from the Photo below, the new model is a close relative to the Rose Gold model, both sharing the same 41mm “New Generation” V4 case.

Just as I preferred the Rose Gold to the original V4, I probably also prefer the Titanium V4 to its Gold cousin. The Titanium case does not give as much contrast to the black “dial” as the Gold case, but it’s a more subtle look.