The Long View with Jean-Claude Biver

If you are looking for insight into TAG Heuer and where the company is going in the future, then there is no better source that the man steering the ship- Jean-Claude Biver. We’ve been lucky enough to speak with JC Biver several times now, but his recent visit to Australia was a chance to sit down for an extended interview, done with our partners at Time+Tide Watches.

While initially the plan was to produce a 5-minute video, it soon became apparent that leaving 30 minutes of the interview on the cutting room floor would have been a crime. Sometimes, even in the era of short attention spans, you need to get the full answer to fully understand the point that is being made.

We also wanted to get into the questions that many of you have been asking in forums or in the comments sections of sites like Calibre 11- why are there so many Carreras? What is happening with the Link? And just what does he think about the TAG Heuer name and approach to re-editions? If you’re expecting 35 minutes of corporate PR-spin, then think again.

The Long View with Jean-Claude Biver

  • Benjamin

    Thank you for such a great interview!

  • Jorge

    Outstanding questions and outstanding answers. Incredible interview. Looking forward to v2 of the TAG Heuer smart watch.

  • Dartagnan

    Very good Interview! Well done!

  • I love this guy; he has the guts to bash his own company. The future seems bright for (TAG) Heuer.

  • radikaz

    i always enjoy his humor way to response, excellent interview!