Up Close- TAG Heuer Monaco Twenty-Four Racing Calibre 36 (Ref. CAL5112)

TAG Heuer will release a second watch in the Monaco Twenty-Four collection- the slate grey and orange Twenty Four Racing.

The Monaco Twenty Four Racing is the first addition to the 24 series since the Gulf striped black model first shown in 2009.

Monaco Twenty Four Racing Calibre 36

The 24 Racing (Ref. CAL5112) is essentially a silver (or more accurately anthracite) dial version of the 24 Gulf, but in a stainless steel case.

The dial really is a beautiful colour and finish- the official press photos really don’t do it justice. It’s a much more subtle watch than the Gulf version and looks the better without the stripes on the dial. I’m still waiting for TAG Heuer to put out a Monaco 24 in the traditional McQueen Blue and White colours, and while it looks like we’ll have to wait another year, it’s great to see the range expanding. You can imagine that a special version of this watch will be released each year to maintain exclusivity.

TAG Heuer Monaco Twenty-Four Racing Calibre 36As it says on the dial, the watch uses the Calibre 36 movement, the wonderful El Primero from Zenith. The party trick of this watch is the way that the dial and movement are suspended in the case- it’s something you’ll never get sick of looking at and is a great way of taking the Monaco look and style into the 21st century and away from being just an homage to the 1970s.

TAG Heuer Monaco 24 racing

Price and Availability- Monaco 24 Racing (CAL5112)

There is no official word yet on how many of these will be made, but I suspect that like the Gulf version, this won’t be a Limited Edition but rather a model produced in limited numbers. The interesting point about the watch is that I understand it will only be available from TAG Heuer boutiques (at least in those markets that do have boutiques), which is an interesting development and a pretty clear signal that TAG Heuer will continue the path of providing exclusive models to their own boutiques.

Expect the Monaco 24 Racing soon with a price between CHF 12,000-15,000