Up close with the Heuer Silverstone

Thought that I would share this high-res close-up of my blue Silverstone dial that was taken by Abel, who is currently doing some work on the watch.


Photo by Abel Court

There are two things that stand out for me- the first is that the blue has a fantastic metallic hue to it and the second is that the dial is round! Not sure why this surprised me: I guess that with the watch being square in shape I expected the dial to be the same.

You can also see that the hands are all original and have developed a green tinge near the central stem- a reaction from the metal I guess

Heuer Silverstone dial

Photo by Abel Court


  • Richardc

    Nice to see the work in progress shot, im surprised by dial shape too!
    Abel professes to not enjoying taking pictures but boy has he got a talent for it (especially as they are with a sony video cam!)