Welcome To The 2016 Edition Of Calibre 11

Welcome to the 2016 Edition of Calibre 11

Last Updated on June 22, 2019 by Calibre 11

It’s not only the new watches that will be launched this week at Baselworld 2016. Welcome to the new Calibre 11- The Home of Vintage Heuer and TAG Heuer Collectors.

That last line is important. It’s not just a slogan, but a statement has served as the inspiration for the improvements, because every element on the new site has been thought about through a single lense: “What information do buyers and collectors want?” That’s why there are more catalogues here than for any other single-brand website. That’s why we’ve chosen to focus the “Ultimate Guides” and new watch reviews. And that’s why we will soon add the largest database of Heuer and TAG Heuer watches anywhere on the internet- every watch and reference from the 1970s through to today.

So, a quick guided tour of the new site.

Where We’ve Been

IMG_2686Feels like a long time ago! Above is the very first version of Calibre 11 way back in 2009…as you can see, it was pretty basic, even for 2009. About 18 months later the second design (below) was introduced. This design was then updated around 2013, but for the last three years not much has changed about the look and feel of Calibre 11, even though we’ve added lots of new features.

Calibre 11 2010 siteNew Logo

CALIBRE11_IDENTITY_RGB_01The first logo was designed roughly in PowerPoint and hasn’t really changed over the years. The new logo keeps the basic idea of the original, but incorporates small TAG Heuer shields into the vertical part of the “C”. We’ve also gone for a less cartoonish font on the “11” and added a splash of Red.

Brand Homepages

TAG Heuer HomepageHeuer HomepageThere is now a dedicated homepage for Heuer and TAG Heuer, both of which take you through to a full index of models for which you can find information on the site. In time, you’ll also be able to search the database directly from these pages when you are looking for information on a particular watch.

Screen Shot 2016-03-11 at 7.57.09 PMFor those window shopping, you’ll also be able to read a short bio of each model before diving into the detail.

Screen Shot 2016-03-12 at 12.54.05 PMAnd Coming Soon..

Screen Shot 2016-03-11 at 8.00.31 PMWe’re almost ready to pull the trigger on our most ambitious project yet- all 1,800 TAG Heuer references since 1986 (yes, we’ve counted) catalogued and referenced, as well as most of the Heuer references stretching back to the early 1960s. Ever wanted to know whether your reference number is correct? Soon it will be easy.

Calibre 11: The Official Forum Partner of TAG Heuer

Screen Shot 2016-03-12 at 1.00.20 PMIf you haven’t joined the Vintage Heuer and TAG Heuer forums over here, then you are missing out. Our partnership with TAG Heuer means that you’ll get the very best access to information on your vintage Heuer or TAG Heuer straight from the horse’s mouth. And if you think this version of our forum software is the best around (we do!), then wait until you see the next version.

Baselworld 2016

HAUTE_HORLOGERIE_(3) (1)While the new site is live and running ahead of Baselworld, we will be working hard over the next few days to make sure that the inevitable bugs are ironed out ahead of the most important time of the year for TAG Heuer collectors- the launch of the 2016 range. We’ve already spotted a few issues, but rest assured that we’re on it…

Enjoy the new site and thanks for sharing the passion.