Welcome To The New Calibre 11

Welcome to the New Calibre 11

Last Updated on February 19, 2012 by Calibre 11

Welcome to the new and improved Calibre 11: full-fat and with 20% more crunch.

The idea behind the new layout is to make it easier to find stories on the watches that you’re interested in and to make the reading experience more of a “Magazine” feel, rather than just a list of posts.

Some of  the most popular posts have covered the background behind a particular watch series, tracing back its origins and design influences- there will be more of these stories in the coming months.

So what’s changed apart from a new coat of paint? The biggest change is  the greater prominence of four Categories- Heuer; TAG Heuer; Movements and General, which are there to help organise the posts. Click on the “Heuer” Category and you’ll land at a the Heuer page showing the various Heuer models. One more click on the model of your choice will take you to all the posts written about that series.

At the bottom of the new layout you’ll also find a live feed of the conversations going on at two of best Heuer/ TAG Heuer forums- Watchuseek and On The Dash- as well as a link to the TAG Heuer bits and pieces from around the web that get posted at the Calibre 11 Facebook page. Whether you’re looking to buy your first watch or have a collection that fills an entire room, take a look at these forums and get involved. You’ll find links to other great watch forums and blogs- including some that even dare to cover other brands- in the Links tab on the menu bar.

My thanks to both TAG Heuer and Topper Jewelers, whose support makes it possible to maintain and improve Calibre 11 and to Rob Knightsbridge of SW1 Design who has turned a few dodgy sketches into a functioning website.

So take a look around and hope you enjoy the new layout.