Your Chance to Win a TAG Heuer Formula 1

If there’s one thing you’ll find plenty of at Calibre 11, it’s opinions about TAG Heuer, whether it be about the watches, the company strategy, or the brand itself. In the four years that Calibre 11 has been around, we’ve seen a significant shift in the types of watches being produced by the company, as a quick look at our 2009 archive will show you. Put yourself back in 2009- would you have imagined watches like the MikrotourbillonS?

As a Calibre 11 reader, you’ll also certainly have an opinion about the brand- and now by sharing what you think, you could win a TAG Heuer Formula 1.

To complete his Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration at the School of Business Administration of Fribourg (Switzerland), a student has chosen to conduct a survey on how people view the TAG Heuer brand, both the perception of the brand today and how far you think the brand could evolve.

And, to say thank-you for sharing your views, everyone completing the survey will be entered into a draw to win a Formula 1- an awesome prize for only 5 minutes of your time.

If you want to participate, don’t forget to complete the form at the end of the Survey, which you can access here or by clicking on the image below.

Update: Thanks for taking part- the survey is now closed


  • Jason

    I have been following this website for about a year now. I love getting email updates about new articles; keep up the great work as it is appreciated.

    Your friend should be well aware that if this is for a Statistics or Econometrics class, his data will be biased. Polling users of a TAG Heuer website about Tag Heuer brand perception/recognition is going to skew your data. I am sure you are aware of this but just making sure as I did a similar project to graduate not long ago.

    Thank you for giving me the chance to win a new Heuer! I will keep checking on this site as I have been. Thank you!

    • DC

      Thanks Jason- appreciate the kind words. Yes, you're 100% right about the statistical bias..hopefully he is aware of that given his classes!

      Good luck with winning the watch


  • Mr. D Sharpe

    Has alway’s great site, I hope more “gearhead’s like myself find out about it!
    One thing, I wish TAG, offered more of the “high end” watches for the guy like myself, who although working day in day out, and a Veteran, I have only had the honor of owning just one and that was over twenty year’s ago, price for me has been the issue, with family and all that, being a continuing public servant, I’m not rolling in dough (lol).

    But I have faith that with the new store’s and accessories becoming avalible TAG will be and continue to be a world leader, Yes I would love to own a great timepiece, however, who ever you may choose I am glad for that individual, again, HOPEFULLY IT WILL BE ME!


    Mr. Derrick Sharpe

    p.S: I first fell for TAG while at the then Armed forces PX in Wiesban Germany 1976, alway’s hope to revisit someday.

  • Mr. D Sharpe

    Must add, fell in love with the 911 T around same years in Germany, I bet that guy with the Neon green 911T I'd see from time-to-time wore a TAG, how I wished that were me!

  • Mark M.

    I’m a big Tag fan but sometimes find the value vs. price a little bit off, but I also understand the massive amounts of marketing dollars that Tag invests in it’s brand. That effort certainly does pay dividends in the secondary market as it does seem hold it’s value pretty well. With that said, I don’t think any quartz watch should be priced over a grand. 😉

    My favorite Tag, Grand Carrera Calibre 36, is an awesome watch but it costs around the same as lets say a PAM 312…that makes for a very tough decision. Unfortunately Tag is also one the most widely replicated brands in the world and for about $75 I’m amazed at how close they can get to the original (cosmetic only). This certainly damages the brand.

    I think that if you would poll the average Joe you’ll find they think Tag is a Tier 1 brand but if you would poll the avid collector/serious watch guy they’ll probably tell you it’s more hype than bite.

    I love the fact that they continue to innovate and have really come up with some great looking designs without straying the classic Tag tradition.

    Anyway, love the site, keep it coming! It’s content like yours that refreshes my love for the brand.

  • Robin Shapiro

    I have always admired Tag and Heuer watches. I currently own an Aquaracer. I am a teacher and i wear it as my everyday watch…I am slowly saving up to purchase a vintage Heuer the Siffert or perhaps a Senna. There are some MG Heuers out there it is a matter of money and luck. I look at this site once a month and we may not have the Richard Mille or Rolex bite what we do have is racing tradition snd a very loyal following

  • DC

    Hi Mark and Robin,

    Thanks for the detailed comments.

    The replicas are an interesting one..there is no doubt that they are getting better and better in terms of how close they are to the real thing, which is not good news for anyone. Im not sure how much can be done, but I hope that TAG Heuer, Rolex, Omega and the other brands are working to get rid of the problem.

    Robin, those Senna watches are still good value…they still run under the radar a little compared to the MG watches or the Siffert.



  • Glenn Hutton

    Must admit I only own two watches: Omega speedy Pro for day time & a Breitling Premier 1947 18k, for special occasions. I have never really looked at the TAG Heuer range but the F1 model above looks special and perfect for day time use… Thanks for the give away!

  • Dave

    I do believe that it is worth paying more for something special in the way of watches – I currently have a Raymond Weil – but I have always admired the Tag Heuer brand, and I am determined that one day I will have one in my collection.

    However, when I do finally go to buy one – I'm going to struggle to choose between them!

  • Adrian Johnson

    Cant wait to win

  • lee burton

    great prize maybe it will be mine

  • Marcos Avila


  • Geoff

    Just wondering when the winner is announced? So I know when to expect an email 🙂 ha ha..

  • Hi Geoff,

    I asked the person running the survey and they are planning on announcing the winner by mid-September.

    Good luck!